Monday, April 02, 2012

Bardol shop

9AM - MsTioga to the shop
This morning MsTioga is going to the Bardahl Shop here in Tequisquiapan for routine maintenance. We have been to this shop before, and found the mechanics did good and careful work.

The work MsTioga is having done is:
  • Change oil
  • Chassis lube
  • Rotate tires
MsTioga is also scheduled for a front wheel alignment. However, I do not believe that the Bardahl Shop has the equipment. So, MsTioga will be going to a wheel alignment shop soon.
MsTioga at Bardahl Shop

11PM - Oil costs mucho!
I am sort of surprised by how much motor oil costs in Mexico. A liter of Castrol GTX 10w-30 is $5.29US here in the City of Tequisquiapan. My memory may be bad, but doesn't a quart of this oil in the USA cost about $3.50?

I am confused about stuff like this. It is the same with computers and electronic gear, which are very expensive compared with prices in the USA.

Nearly everything else that you would buy in Mexico, is less expensive. Why motor oil and electronic gear?

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