Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Computer workstation rebuild

6AM - Computer workstation rebuild
It was about 9 years ago this month, in our beginning year of 2003, when the TiogaRV Team built the computer workstation you see in the pic below. The design proved to be perfect. But the execution left a lot to be desired!

The design consisted of a build up from the bed that used to occupy this space. As you may see, the workstation is made of three sections of equal width. In the pic the sections appear unequal. That unequal appearance is due to the distortion of our AutoStich Pano Software.

Three plywood panels cover each of the three sections and provide access to the area below for maintenance. Back in 2003 when the workstation was constructed, it never occurred to anybody on the TiogaRV Team to use contact cement. As a result, all of the sticks that you see in the pic are fastened with wood screws. And wood screws do not hold well to the inexpensive paneling that Fleetwood Industries used to when constructing MsTioga.

We plan to use wood screws and contact cement in this workstation rebuild. The contact cement will greatly increase the flexibility of our new design. And should hold the new workstation in place very well. The new design will not change the completed look of the workstation. However, the new design will be much, much stronger and should require very little maintenance to maintain it.

Lots of stuff will be removed. For example, the (5) duplex receptacles that you see in the pic will be removed. Those receptacles were installed to provide electric power when Mr. Chips, our desktop computer, was a team member in 2003 [link]. Now with the advent of the laptop computer, all of those receptacles are not needed anymore. No big, heavy computer monitor. No power supply for the big heavy desktop computer. No power for a printer. In fact we do not even have a printer onboard anymore!

The rear panel will be replaced. This panel contains two output readout devices, the electronic switch assembly for Mr. Levelers and four bat handle switches that control various onboard devices. The rear panel was constructed from inexpensive particle board panels and will be replaced with much stronger plywood.
Pano pic of unmasked computer workstation

3PM - MultiPack
Tioga and The Team are in the City of San Juan del Rio, about 20 minutes south of Tequisquiapan. We heard that FedEx purchased the MulitPack company. So, we came here to check MultiPack out and see about this company receiving our shipments from the USA.

Before we only knew about FedEx in the City of Queretaro, which is over one hour away from Tequis. MultiPack does accept shipments to be held for pickup. One more thing knocked off our things-to-do list!

While we are here in San Juan del Rio, we are going shopping for the supper party tomorrow. Did I tell you about that? I am preparing supper for Pete and Jimena. The menu is breaded and baked chicken, tempura veggies, and a nice green salad. I will use Jimena's kitchen to do the prep and cooking.

It would be uncomfortable to do this shin-dig inside MsTioga. Much to warm there to be comfortable in the late afternoon.

Clear magnificent sky!