Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Doctor Espinoza

9AM - Doctor Espinoza
This morning I have an appointment with my cardiologist, Doctor Espinoza. The doctor wants to see how I'm doing now after being off of blood pressure medication since March 30th. I have been monitoring my blood pressure since that date, and it has remained between 120/70 and 110/60.

The doctor will administer an electrocardiogram.

11AM - Echocardiogram
My electrocardiogram took over half an hour! I have aortic heart valve stenosis, a narrowing of the opening of the aortic valve. For me, this came about because of a genetic defect. My aortic valve has two lips, instead of the normal three lips.

When blood passes thru my aortic valve, there is a lot of turbulence, swirls and eddys. Because of this turbulence, calcium deposits build up on the aortic valve's lips causing stenosis, or narrowing. If stenosis progresses too much, an aortic valve transplant is required in order to remain alive.

So far, my stenosis does NOT require a valve transplant!

I have another appointment with Doctor Espinoza on May 1st when he will reveal to me the result of his comparative analysis between today's echo, and an echo taken by him in June, 2009.

PS: This doctor visit cost 1700 pesos [$136US]. A routine visit [no electrocardiogram] cost $40US.

6PM - Checking upholstery shop
MsTioga and I spent much of the afternoon wandering around the hilltop behind Pete and Jimena's home. The view from up there is really good. It seems to me that having a home up here would a very good thing.

It appears that we are ready to visit "The Fixer", who will be handling my FM3 application before Mexican Immigration in the City of Queretaro. Jimena gave me an original of her electric bill along with a letter stating that I live at her address. Now we have everything for the FM3 application.

I've made an appointment for tomorrow morning at The Fixer's office at 9am. His name is actually Felipe.

Right now MsTioga is parked next door to the upholstery shop where her dining table bench cushion is being recovered. Alvaro, the shop owner, told me that he expects the cushion material to arrive tomorrow.

In the pic below you may see the "Tapiceria" [Upholstery Shop]. Do you see MsTioga's bench cushion? A red arrow points to where it is leaning against the wall.
The Tapiceria

Partly cloudy