Thursday, April 26, 2012

Doing business

9AM - Doing business in Mexico
Things are really breaking well for me lately!

Since I found my home-base in Mexico [the camping place at the end of a dirt road in Colonia Santellán] my already wonderful life has climbed to new levels! Tioga and I would like to share with a little about what is going on. And why it seems so wonderful to us.

You already know that I have an advertising business. Most of that business comes from Google's AdSense program. Also, we get advertising from other sources. Not much income, but some. This advertising business requires me to do a little work. Not "real" work. Just HTML coding and FTP uploading. Stuff like that.

What kind of work?
Recently Google AdSense sent me an email suggesting that if I would change my AdSense ad layout on about (100) of our web pages, that additional income might be earned. I really listen when Google talks to me. Their suggestions are really good!

For example, about three years ago, Google assigned an advertising specialist to my AdSense account. This specialist suggested that I change the color of my text ads to match the color of my Blog's titles. If you look at the titles on my blog page that you are now reading and compare the title color to Google's AdSense text ad color, you will see that they both are the same color. Which is blue. I worked with the AdSense specialist for a couple of weeks thru email communication. And sure enough, my ad income increased!

Yesterday an email arrived from an advertising company that represented a client wanting to advertise on our website. The client wanted us to change "one word" on one of our web pages. This change would make the word "appliances" into a link to their website that reads, "appliances and electrical devices in your home". For this change, the client would pay $50 for an annual placement. You may view that page by clicking [here] and then scrolling down to find the hyperlink.

All of these orders/requests from our advertising clients require some work. And, we are now able to do this "work" here in our beautiful new home-base in Mexico.

What can be better than that? Hmmmm?
Jorge working
In his pajamas at 10am!

12 Noon - Can I learn this advertising business too?
After reading what I posted above, you may be wondering, "Can I learn this advertising business too?" The answer is, "Yes! You can!" However, it is much easier to learn the online advertising business than to conceive of and develop a website that will attract an audience.

I would like to introduce you to a couple of websites that have made a fortune for their owners. Take a peek, OK? These two sites are fascinating!

The first website is named "Dooce", and is owned by Heather B. Armstrong who founded her business after being fired by her former employer for writing online about what happened at work. She labeled such a firing as being, "Dooced". And so a website was born. Click [here] to read about Heather in her own words.

The second website is "The Internet Electrician". His name is Terry Peterman, a Canadian electrician who became an online publisher. Read about Terry by clicking [here].

Are you able to do what these people did? Or, what I did? I think that you can!

4PM - Studying Spanish
Awhile back I mentioned to my friend Jimena, that I was interested in studying Spanish. I want to be much more fluent in Spanish th an I am now.

Jimena made arrangements for me to study with Gina, who is a teacher of Spanish as well as a friend of to Jimena. I have an appointment to meet Gina this afternoon at 4pm at the Plaza Hotel, here in Tequisquiapan.

Pretty neat, huh?

7PM - The lesson
I've just returned home from my first Spanish lesson, and I want to tell you about that. But first Tioga and I want to tell you about our two friends, Jack and Peluchia. These two are dogs, and they live with our neighbors, Memo and Terry.

Jack is the big dog. I think that he is a golden lab. Peluchia is small and has very funny looking fur. Maybe that's why she is named Peluchia? When Tioga was backing into her Nite Camp position, Jack came running over. He must have escaped by crawling hard underneath the gate. I had asked permission to feed the dogs, and Terry gave me the OK. Wow! That Jack was hungry. He wolfed down two bowls of Purina Dog Chow!

Now, back to the lesson! My teacher's name is Gina, and she has been in the teaching profession for maybe 30 years. We talked about what I wanted to achieve. We agreed on a plan. We would just chat
together. Gina leading as she learns where I need practice most. When I do not understand a word that Gina says to me, we discuss that word. If it is a verb, Gina teaches me to conjugate the verb and also learn the present, future and past tense. When I use a word incorrectly, we do the same thing.

I take notes writing down the words that I learn. During the week, I'll practice what I learned. I believe that this is the fastest way for me to learn Spanish.

Gina charged me 100 pesos [$8US] for the lesson. Sounds pretty inexpensive to me. We will be doing a one hour lesson each week. I may give Gina a hefty raise in pay next week!

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