Tuesday, April 03, 2012


4AM - Jorge & MsTioga, ExPats in Mexico!
[How did we get to here, from there?]

I could not sleep! Just had to get up out of bed to let you in on what is going on!

First of all, it was only on March 25th when we posted here about beginning to do our Trip Plan again. And in that 2012 Trip Plan was the announcement that MsTioga and I were doing a journey back to California.

Well, MsTioga and I are NOT going to California. In fact, we are staying here in Mexico. Permanently, no less! MsTioga and I are becoming ExPats in Mexico! What does this mean?

It means that we won't be going back to the United States every six months as is required of tourists having an FMM tourist permit. We will be getting an [FM3] Extended Resident Permit for Mexico.

What made us change our minds?
For one thing, nobody hassles MsTioga and I here in Tequisquiapan. We Nite Camp here on the street, and nobody bothers us. We are simply accepted and welcome here. But that is not all.

In order to remain in Mexico, we must do maintenance things for MsTioga. And much of the parts and supplies for this maintenance, are only sold in the United States. That was the reason for our now cancelled plan to return to California. To buy stuff for MsTioga!

However, we now believe that we have found a simple and convenient way to buy stuff in the United States and have it shipped to us anywhere we are in Mexico.

Man-O-Man! MsTioga and I are sooooo excited about all of this!

9AM - Need a phone
The first thing that is needed to implement this "ExPat" plan, is a cellphone. I lost my iPod Touch during the robbery in Los Mochis [and miss it soooo much!]. It seems a good idea to get an iPhone. All of the things that I really liked about my iPod Touch are included in an iPhone [and so much more!].

There is a new Iusacell store which opened up last week here in Tequis. I am going there to find out about an iPhone.

PS: I will explain later, as this ExPat story unfolds, why a cell phone is key to this plan.

11AM - Wow! High priced phone!
Iusacell quoted a price of 6599 pesos [$528US] for an iPhone 3Gs 8GB without a contract. Wow! They certainly think very highly of their phones.

I found the iPhone 3GS without a contract in the USA for $250US.

12 Noon - iPhone is free!
While eating lunch, I was looking thru Iusacell's "Promotion" catalog. Right on the front page, Iusacell offers a free iPhone 3Gs with a 24 month contract. The contract price is 399 pesos/month [$32US].

I believe that if I bought the iPhone for $528US, I still would be paying 399/month for the service. I've got to back to Iusacell to check on that to be sure.

If this assumption is correct, I gotta go for the 24 month contract!

6PM - Glitches!
You may have experienced when trying to do something new, that there may be many glitches on the path to success! I experienced several glitches this afternoon.

The iUSAcell people wanted security before they would write a contract. So, I offered to pay all of the 24 payments in advance! I figured that this offer would take all of the risk out of my deal with them. However, the manager would not go for it! Hmmmm? So, I began thinking that this was a sign that I was heading in the wrong direction.

I left the iUSAcell store, and drove to the Telcel distributor in the plaza with the Bodega Aurrera grocery market. This is just a tiny 2x4 counter with a bunch of different phones on display. A young but very experienced woman was working this distributorship.

I asked to see the simplest, most easy to use phone. She showed me a Samsung. No camera. No huge screen. Just a phone. I bought it. Cost 849 pesos [$68US]. This phone has a Telcel sim card. So I will be dealing with the same company for both Banda Ancha and this cell phone.
Jorge and Samsung

Blue sky