Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Fixer

9AM - Felipe The Fixer
This morning MsTioga pulled out of the City of Tequisquiapan at 7am and headed for the the City of Querétaro where the office of Felipe The Fixer is located. We used our Garmin Nuvi GPS to guide our route. At about 8:15am we found a parking place only .1km from The Fixer's office.

Unfortunately we followed our Garmin GPS much too closely when we were directed to down a very narrow street. MsTioga suffered a bit of damage. Her left rear scraped something. We do not know what! And there are some large scrape marks and a missing clearance light. After the meeting with The Fixer, New Mavicta will post a "scrape" pic.

As you may know, we are at Felipe The Fixer's office this morning to arrange for him to do the work necessary for my FM3 Mexico Resident Permit.

10:30PM - Application completed!
It is lucky that Tioga was able to find a parking space near Señor Felipe's office. I had to walk back to MsTioga twice to get additional documents. Once for my USA passport. And another time for my Mexican Tourist Permit. I had planned on parking some distance from Felipe's office and using a taxi for the trip to go from Tioga to Felipe. I would have had to use a taxi to get these additional documents.

Señor Felipe makes the process of dealing with the Officina de Migración a snap. In about an hour, all of the paperwork required is completed by Felipe. All that I have to come up with is money:

  •    $900 Presentation to Mexican Immigration
  • $2,356 Immigration processing
  • $2,000 Felipe's fee
  • $5,256 Total [$420US]

11AM - Scrape pic
Here is the pic New Mavicita took of this morning's scrape. Not too bad. Looks like Panchito the body shop guy will be having some more work soon!
Another boo-boo for MsTioga

12 Noon - FedEx
We have another errand to accomplish here in the City of Querétaro. One of the critical things that we must do in order to remain in Mexico, is to be able to buy stuff in the USA. Once this stuff is purchased, it has to be shipped to us here in Mexico.

That is why MsTioga and The Team are at FedEx right now. To find out if FedEx delivers to Tequisquiapan. We learned that FedEx does deliver to Tequisquiapan. Also, the driver may collect aduana, customs charged for our purchases.

However, a maximum of 3000 pesos aduana may be collected by FedEx. Over that amount, the aduana must be paid at a Mexican bank.

All of this buying in the USA and shipping to Mexico seems to be doable! And, at a far less cost than driving MsTioga back to the United States!

3PM - Azteca Parador RV Park
The mostly ever vigilant Team Member, Garmin/Nuvi GPS, spotted the Azteca Parador RV Park and he wondered if we wanted to go over there for a look-see. I write "mostly" ever vigilant because it was Garmin who led us this morning up the street that narrowed into nothingness! That narrow street is where MsTioga got her scrape.

Anyway, we are staying over for the nite here at The Azteca Parador. BTW, we see no signage for Azteca Parador RV Park. This place is now called, Juriquilla Inn. Cost $16US per nite.
MsTioga at Parador RV Park
City of Querétaro

Mostly cloudy