Monday, April 09, 2012

FM3 photo

6AM - FM3 photo
This morning I'm going to a photography place here in Tequisquiapan to get head shots of myself for my FM3 application. Jimena told me that I will need (3) color pics front and (3) left side.

After getting these photos, all that I need is proof-of-address and I will be ready to go to "The Fixer". His name is really Phillippe, and he lives in the City of Querétaro. He is called The Fixer because he does all the interaction with Mexican Immigration Office for a fee. Takes much of the hassle out of getting an FM3.

9:30AM - Photographer
The hours on the door of the photographer reads open at 9am. Nobody there at 9:30am. So, I left a note on the door about what I needed and asked for a phone call. We are now at the Bodega Aurrera grocery to do some shopping.

BTW, my new cell phone is working out soooo well! Yesterday I signed up with a phone company called Rebtel which allows me to phone the USA from Mexico for 1.5 cents/minute.

11AM - MsTioga needs more maintenance
While waiting for the photographer to phone, we decided to attend to some of MsTioga's maintenance chores. Tioga needs her air cleaner filter replaced. Also, the crankcase air filter. We drove to Hector's Auto Parts here in Tequis, and bought these two filters. I am going to replace the filters myself.

It is time for MsTioga to have a front wheel alignment. We drove to a shop that does this work, and learned that Tioga's left front wheel has worn spindle bushings! The bushings must be replaced, reemed out and new a new spindle pin provided.

Tioga is planning to go for this spindle work tomorrow morning. After the spindle work is complete, MsTioga will be able to do her front wheel alignment.

2PM - Got the photos!
It got to be after 12 noon, and no phone call from the photographer. We decided to use a taxi to find another photographer. Many of those taxi guys know towns soooo well. The taxi guy who stopped for us, knew of a photo shop in the center of Tequis, and he drove us there.

The photographer was well acquainted with the photo requirements of Mexican Immigration for the FM3 permit application. He took my photo and said that they would be ready in one hour.

The 3-sets of photos cost 95 pesos [$7.60US].
Mug shots

4:30PM - Tapicería
This has been a busy day for Tioga and Jorge! After we got my mug shots, I stumbled across a Taller de Tapicería [Upholstery Shop]. One of Tioga's dining room bench seats has its cover in very bad shape. Big tears in steo places.

Fortunately, we have two large pieces of upholstery material that I believe were used in the cabover area when it was still a bedroom. One of those pieces is enough for the Tapicería to recover that bench seat.

The cost of this upholstery work is 650 pesos [$52US]. This includes a new sponge cushion and all other material and labor. The newly covered bench seat should be ready in a couple of days.

5PM - Air filter too small
The air cleaner filter that we bought at Hector's Autoparts is just a bit too small. We drove back and exchanged the filter for the proper size. After I eat a little supper, the two filters will be replaced.