Friday, April 27, 2012


7AM - Frying
Yesterday evening for supper, I wanted to make fried fish for the main dish. Also, maybe some onion rings. Remember a couple of days ago when I prepared tempura for Pete and Jimena? That was the 2nd time that I had prepared tempura. And to tell you the truth, that tempura that I made for Pete and Jimena was not what I had hoped it would be.

So, yesterday when I went to make tempura again, some changes were made! And look at the pic below to see how my 3rd attempt at tempura came out. Perfect! The fish was tender and coated wonderfully. When frying, the coating did not stick to the bottom of my cast iron skillet at all. The onion rings came out perfect as well.

New Mavicita and I want to share with you in a video how we now make tempura. Maybe soon, OK?
Perfect tempura!

1PM - Squabbles?
We figured that FedEx would be used for our USA to Mexico shipment. However, Bongo [our freight forwarder used DHL. When the DHL driver arrived at our shipping address, he found at that this address is the FedEx terminal in the City of Queretaro.

Well! It turns out that DHL will not deliver to a FedEx terminal. Hmmmm? Squabbles amongst the carriers? Hmmmm?

9PM - Visit with Memo and Teri
Just after sundown, we heard a child laughing at Memo & Teri's home next door. We love to hear people laughing. Especially kids. So, we went over to their gate to see what's what! Memo heard me talking to Jack, their dog, and he came out into the yard to say hello. Memo told me that it was his niece, Michelle, who was laughing. Then Teri came out and invited me in to their home. First visit!!

They introduced me to Michelle, who is a very quiet six year old. But Michelle did talk with me a bit. Teri prepared a pitcher of cold water with lots of limon. The water was sweetened. Yumm!

Before going to visit with Memo and Teri, New Mavicita went outside to take a pano pic. Mavicita wanted this pic because the view is soooooo beautiful at this time of the evening. The pic does not do justice to this fabulous place.

New Mavicita made the pic especially large. So try zooming in a bit. You will see a "+" sign in you mouse pointer if you are able to zoom. You will be able to scroll side to side when you are zoomed in by using your right and left arrow keys.
Pano from rear of lot just after sundown