Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hernia returned

7AM - Hernia returned!
On April 4th Tioga and I were driving to San Juan del Rio. We had just left Tequisquiapan when I felt a familiar pressure in my groin. Pulling Tioga over, I went to my bedroom to see what was up. Sure enough, I saw a bulge in my lower groin. My hernia had returned!

You may remember that I had a hernia repair operation during December, 2010 [link]. This current hernia appears to be a bit below the location of the repaired hernia.

After that first instance of another hernia appearing on April 4th, the pressure went away in only a couple of hours. I did not feel anymore hernia symptoms until yesterday evening. The darned pressure came back!

It came back as I was walking to CostCo to buy one of their wonderful hot dogs! I was halfway to the hot dog place when that hernia feeling came back again. It makes me feel nauseous and kind of sick when it comes back. I've got to do something about this hernia. And soon too!

  • Hernia repair in Mexico: There are board certified surgeons in Queretaro who do laparoscopic surgery. I could make arrangements for my hernia repair with one of these surgeons and live in MsTioga during my recovery. Or, stay in a hotel for my recovery period.
  • Hernia repair in the USA: My hernia repair in December, 2010 was done by a surgeon in Walnut Creek, California. I would fly to Walnut Creek for my surgery, and stay in a hotel during my recovery. 

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