Tuesday, April 17, 2012


11AM - On the way home!
Tioga and I have not been able to get to our blog page until now. We have been busy getting the front wheel alignment. The Goodyear Shop which did the king-pin overhaul, has a wheel alignment station that is too small for MsTioga. So, we drove to another Goodyear Shop in the City of Querétaro.

Jose Luis, our service counselor, drove with us to show the way there. The equipment is very modern, using computers and laser technology to accomplish the alignment.

After leaving the Goodyear Shop, MsTioga pulled off to park so that we could tell you what is happening. After posting, we are on the way home to Tequisquiapan!

Getting the alignment

Alignment computer

3PM - McDonald's
Well! It is 3PM, and we have not reached Tequisquiapan yet! Wow! When I got sleepy, Tioga pulled off the highway so that I could nap. Almost a 2-hour nap too!

After we got on the road again, I got hungry. And then I saw it! A huge McDonald's billboard with a pic of a Pollo Clasico. I had to have one!
66 pesos [$5.10US]

7PM - Hilltop
We have written to you before about wanting to own land behind Pete & Jimena's home. Up on the Hilltop! Upon returning to Tequisquiapan late this afternoon, we went to visit with Pete & Jimena. They have been scouting around for me, looking for land that is available.

We talked about the pieces of land they already found. Each lot that we spoke about together had its own attractive characteristics. But I really like hilltop.

I told Pete and Jimena that I was going to take off while it is still light outside, and go with MsTioga to make a Nite Camp up on hilltop.

If you click on Nite Camp Location below, you may see where we are right now. Tioga is the green arrow on the Google Map.
Tioga at our hilltop Nite Camp

Partly cloudy