Sunday, April 08, 2012

I am me

7AM - I am me!
In the "Olden Days", a person could prove who they were by presenting a birth certificate or a driver's license. It's not so easy these days. Especially if your are fulltiming RV person like myself.

Here in Mexico, I am going for an FM3 permit which when received will classify me as a "Non-immigrant resident of Mexico". But, Mexico wants to know where I am living, a proof of address. I don't believe that the Mexican government will accept a letter from me stating, "I am living in my RV".

So, for my proof of address I will be submitting an electric bill from my friends, Pete & Jimena. It will be their electric bill, with their names on it. Will the Mexican government accept this as my "proof of address?". I do not know.

"I am me! I live inside MsTioga! Don't you believe me?"

10AM - Doing maintenance stuff
MsTioga has moved to the paved street behind the Soriana Grocery. Hardly any traffic here. With the street being paved, it is somewhat easy to scoot around underneath MsTioga doing visual inspection. I use as cardboard to lie on, so that I am not actually on the street.

This morning we will be:
  • Inspecting Suspension
  • Inspecting Shock absorbers
  • Inspecting Springs
  • Checking Tire pressure and tread
  • Lubricating Belcrank [tranny linkage]
  • Inspect Parking Brake system
  • Propane system [leak check]
  • Water heater
  • Exhaust system
  • Furnace

1PM - Under carriage stuff done
All the under carriage maintenance stuff is complete. This includes removing oxidation [rust] with Must For Rust. BTW, that Must For Really works!! Remember a couple years ago when almost all of MsTioga's under carriage was rusty? Must For Rust was used back then. Hardly any rust has returned. Amazing!

I'm going to save the remaining maintenance items for tomorrow.

Don't want to tax my aging body too much.

6PM - Restaurante El Atorón
I am posting to you from Restaurante El Atorón. This is sort of an open air restaurant. The front wall has no wall, and is open to the street. I believe this place specializes in sheep meat.

I have ordered "Alambre Especial Con Tortillas de Harina". I do not know what this food is. This menu item was recommended by two lady customers sitting a few tables away. When my food comes, New Mavicita will take a pic for you to see.
El Atorón

Note: Food pic was a terrible shot. Too dark. We did not publish it. Food was good though. A mixture of several meats, vegetables and cheese. Nicely seasoned. Cost 55 pesos [$4.40US].

Partly cloudy