Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jorge angry

9AM - Jorge is angry
I hate very much to be angry. Yet, this morning I am angry. But, I have  to control my temper. And I have to talk with others who are involved in a calm and pleasant manner.

Last Monday before I left the Goodyear Shop, I asked Pedro the mechanic if he greased my newly installed king pin assemblies. He told me that he did grease them. However, when I looked at the king pins a day or so later, the assemblies appeared very clean. I could see no grease coming from the joint in the king pin assembly.

So, I made a mental note to go to the Bardahl Shop in Tequis to grease up the king pins. I was watching as the mechanic pumped grease into the right side king pin. It took many pumps, for grease to begin to ooze out thru the joint. I wondered about that?

When the mechanic went to grease up the left side king pin, one of the zerk fittings was missing! The mechanic put his finger in the hole where the zerk fitting was supposed to be. He told me that the fitting was broken, and only the threaded part of the fitting remained in the top part of the king pin assembly.

12 Noon - At the Goodyear Shop
I phoned Jose Luis, my service counselor at Goodyear and explained what had happened. I told him that I was returning to Goodyear to find out what had happened, and get the broken zerk fitting replaced.

It took Pedro the mechanic only 5 minutes to extract the broken zerk fitting and replace it with a new fitting. Then I asked Jose Luis to tell me how what happened, could have happened?

Pedro claims that he greased up both king pin assemblies. But if he greased the left one, he would have found that the zerk fitting was broken and replaced it. To me the fact that he did NOT replace that broken grease fitting, is proof positive for me that Pedro actually did not grease up both king pins.

When I received a lame explanation from Jose Luis, I asked him to talk with me in the office. We went over and over the scenario. Me pointing out that Pedro the mechanic permitted me to leave Goodyear with a broken grease fitting. And, if Pedro permitted me to leave, that meant that he never found that broken fitting. And thus, never greased the king pin assemblies

Nothing to be done
There is nothing to be done regarding this situation. I told Jose Luis that I would not return to the Goodyear Shop. I do not trust them anymore. All that I asked of them, is to tell me the truth about what happened. And, neither Jose Luis or Pedro would do that.

I am proud of myself, however. I did not display the anger which was boiling inside me. I handled the situation correctly, all the while being calm and polite.

PS: Although I did not lose my temper, man-o-man, my arm pits are soooooo wet!

6PM - Whatta day!
The round trip to Queretaro and back is 98 miles. Not a lot of miles. But a bit tiring for me. All that way just get zero satisfaction from the Goodyear Shop. Second guessing myself, I should have simply had the mechanic at the Bardahl Shop extract the broken grease fitting and install a new one.

The primary purpose for going into central Tequis this morning, was to recharge my Telcel Banda Ancha. When I went online, a webpage popped up telling me that my account was empty. After recharging Banda Ancha, Tioga drove to the Bardahl Shop to have the new king-pins greased.

Lucky timing, don't you think?

PS: We are back at Home Camp, that cute camp site that we found a couple of days ago. The Sun is getting low in the sky. A nice breeze is wafting up the hillside thru Tioga's open window.

Mostly clear sky