Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Land sellers

4AM - Land sellers
When MsTioga and I thought about Nite Camping up on hilltop, we had a couple of motives in mind:
  • Find out about what its like to be staying on hilltop for an extended period
  • Put ourselves in the position of having land sellers find us, instead of the other way around
At this point, we do not even know if there is any land available on hilltop. Most of the land on hilltop, is ejido property [link]. Not available for purchase by gringos like, Tioga and myself.

Hilltop is quiet
The TiogaRV Team spent our first nite up here on hilltop. We found a nice place to Nite Camp, a pretty level location with a nice view looking out of Tioga's large rear window.

For supper, I made a couple of quesadillas [link] filled with cheese, onions and frijoles! Yummm. Supper was eaten at our computer workstation in the rear of Tioga so that I could look out the big window at the view below.

4PM - The Italian Coffee Company
Pete, Jimena and I are messing around at The Italian Coffee Company.

Jimena is waiting for a hair place to open up. Pete and I are keeping Jimena company. So, we are spending time here drinking coffee & eating bad things. I got a Cafe Latte.
Jimena, Pete & Jorge
Italian Coffee Company - Tequisquiapan

6PM - Shirushi Habachi
After The Italian Coffee Company, Jimena and I both got our hair cut. Earlier today, I'd promised them both a treat to a Japanese restaurant. Pete and Jimena have been such good support people for me. And I wanted to show them how much I appreciated their help. So, we went out for supper at Shirushi Habachi again.

This Shirushi place is soooooo good, and getting better each time we return.
Jorge, Pete and Jimena
Shirushi Hibachi - San Juan del Rio

Partly cloudy