Thursday, April 19, 2012

New location

8AM - New land location
You may recall that on Tuesday nite, MsTioga Nite Camped on the hilltop behind Pete & Jimena's home. That hilltop had a lovely view. However, nearly all the land near that Nite Camp is ejido land, and may not be easily sold. Other land on hilltop had, had other problems. One nice lot that Pete drove me to see, had no water or electricity close by.

Yesterday afternoon, Pete and Jimena and I drove in their car to look at a new land location. This lot is 450M² in size. It is located on the other side of the highway from Pete & Jimena's home. About one block from the highway. Yesterday evening, MsTioga Nite Camped on the street next to this lot.

 [If you click on our Nite Camp Location below, we are the Green Arrow near the small highway. NOT the big highway to the right on the Google Map]

This lot is not on a hilltop. However, there is a view over the lowlands to the east. This land is for sale. There is a sign on a power pole above the little highway, with phone numbers to call for info.

10AM - Banda Ancha very slow
This morning it took over 45 minutes to prepare and publish our blog. It should only take about 5 minutes to do it!!

Our Banda Ancha [Wide Band] modem stick is very slow at this location. We need to boost our signal reception that is broadcast from the Telcel system!

Pete and Jimena and the TiogaRV Team would greatly benefit from such a signal boost. I've shopped and shopped on the internet, and cannot come up with a good solution for some kind of receiving booster antenna for our Telcel Banda Ancha modem stick.

Maybe you are able to help us? If you understand this electronic stuff, and know of a receiving antenna that will do the job, would you please let us know what that solution would be?

Thank you soooooo much!

3PM - Video would not work!
I went to make a video telling you about the big changes that are in process right now in my life. And, I thought that you hearing about that, straight from the horses mouth, was appropriate.

Well, it turns out that New Mavicita, a Canon PowerShot SX120IS only produces video in AVI format. And Windows Movie Maker does not handle AVI format. So, I bought EZ AVI to WMV Converter that I found on the CNet site [link].

I trust CNet. I do not know why I trust them. But I do. However, maybe I should NOT have trusted CNet, or the software that they handle. Because it turns out that EZ AVI to WMV Converter is a scam! This software just spins, whistles and goes thru the motions. But it does absolutely nothing at all.

Except try and get money from unsuspecting suckers like me!

PS: If you know of a converter for AVI to WMV [or any format that Windows Movie Maker uses], please let me know? I'd like to make that video!

9PM - Land I really like!
This morning I went exploring in the neighborhood of our Nite Camp. I went walking along the road that comes from the highway. This is a dirt road with lots of rocks in the dirt. About four blocks down from the highway there is a level dirt street. At the end of this street is a lot. Beyond the lot, the land descends maybe 80 meters.

Tioga and I like this lot, even though it sits on sorry land. Much of this lot is a hill going down to the flatland far below.

We put the GPS coordinates in our Nite Camp Location, so that you may see where Tioga and The Team are spending the nite. Remember that we are the green arrow on the map.