Sunday, April 29, 2012


7AM - Peluchita
Two dogs live next door, Peluchita and Jack. Peluchita gets to roam free. Jack has to stay in his yard, often tied up in the corner. I am not really sure of Peluchita's name. I have a hunch that they call her Peluchita because she has weird strange fur.

Peluchita was barking at MsTioga this morning, and I went outside to say hello. Peluchita is timid, cautious. It took a lot of coaxing until she came close enough to sniff my hand. Then she came closer for me to pet her little head.

Last week I bought some dog food for Peluchita. This morning I gave some of that food to her in the bowl that I bought especially for her. She ate everything!
Peluchita is not so afraid anymore

10AM - Want to see some flowers?
Reader Ochelle asked to see the flower she saw in one of New Mavicita's pics. So, New Mavicita went outside on our lot [that we want to buy] and took pics of all the flowers she could find! Some flowers are really tiny.

4PM - The land
We have named the two pieces of land that we are interested in buying. The lot with the sloping terrain we named "Arroyo". The lot next to Arroyo we have named "Cerca", because there is a fence around this lot.

The lady who owns Cerca knocked on MsTioga's door this afternoon. She arrived with her grand daughter who knows some English.

I had anticipated that the lady landowner would drop by today. It is church day, and the church is not too far away from Home Camp. I had planned to serve iced tea, while we had introductions. I figured to chat awhile, to get to know each other.

However, what happened was not according to my plan. The lady land owner launched right into price negotiations by announcing that she wanted 300,000 pesos for her property.

After their talking slowed a bit, I offered my iced tea. This is really iced tea too! Made with five tea bags. Mr. Dometic has a door tray filled to the brim with ice. I apologized for not having any lemon. And then began to chat, asking questions about anything but the land. But the grand daughter just put down her tea, and refused to sit down. The lady landowner was sitting, and took a few sips of the iced tea. What could I do?

So, I asked how many square meters was this land. The lady answered 25m x 25m [625m²]. Now I had a price and land size. I also had a comparison!

The lot next door to Pete and Jimena's home sold just last month. And coincidentally, that land is 1250m² in size, exactly double the lot named Cerca. And, the lot next to Pete and Jimena's home sold for the exact same price that the lady landowner began negotiations at today. Further, the lot that sold last month already had sewer, electricity and water and was on a paved road. Also, that lot had a little house on the land. The lot named Cerca had none of these. Well, you get the picture!

The lady landowner told me, "You probably want to talk to your friends about this offer". And with that, she  said, adios.

When I told Jimena about what happened, she suggested that I chat with my next door neighbor Teri about the facts of the two properties. Jimena told me, the word will get back to the lady land owner.