Wednesday, April 04, 2012


7AM - The Plan!
All of the TiogaRV Team Members are very excited about setting what we are calling, The Plan!

In order to buy stuff in the United States and have it delivered to us in Mexico, we need a communication & shipping system that is based in the USA.

Here are the elements of The Plan:
  1. Mexican cell phone: We now have the cell phone. We can make outgoing calls. Something is wrong with incoming calls. We will try and get that fixed today.
  2. Phone call forwarding service: We chose This service gives us a phone number located in California. When this California number is called, that call is forwarded to our Mexican cell phone. 
  3. Mail and freight forwarding service: We are using Global Mail for this service. This will give us a United States based address at the Global Mail facility, which I believe is in Texas. When we buy something, it is shipped to our Global Mail address. Then either shipped to us in Mexico immediately, or held for consolidation with other purchased items.
The Plan's purpose is to allow MsTioga and The Team to remain in Mexico and still be able to purchase stuff in the USA and receive that purchased stuff anywhere we happen to be in Mexico.

6PM - One less thing!
MsTioga and The Team are in San Juan del Rio today for two reasons. The first reason is to visit the Telcel customer service office in order to finally get a handle on their recharging process for our Banda Ancha WiFi stick. And, we did!!

We found out that there are two codes for sending messages to Telcel which let them know what to do with the money on deposit for recharging our Banda Ancha. Also, any unused bandwidth is rolled over into the next month. Very good to know!

The second reason is to fix our HP Printer so that my 2011 tax return may be printed out for my files. For over 10 years I have been having problems installing HP setup software on HP printers. And like Charlie Brown in Peanuts with Lucy and the football, I keep going back for more installation punishment.

Well, no more! After trying unsuccessfully to install the setup for our HP printer one last time, I gave our HP printer to one of the guys who work at Office Depot. Then I transferred the income tax file to a memory stick and had Office Depot print them out for my files.

No more printer onboard MsTioga. As Forest Gump would say, "One less thing!".

8:30PM - San Juan Nite Camp
We have decided to make our Nite Camp in San Juan del Rio. We played around in San Juan too much, and now it is a bit late to go back to Tequis.

We found something interesting here in San Juan. At the AutoZone store. 6-volt deep cycle batteries labeled for golf carts. New deep cycle batteries are one of the things we will need sometime soon. And shipping them here all the way from the USA might be expensive.

How to get new deep cycle 6-volt batteries here in Mexico has been a concern of mine ever since my decision to become an ExPat.

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