Friday, April 20, 2012

Possible worlds

8AM - Possible worlds
Tioga and I wish to share with you a few things about what we are doing right now here in Mexico. Soon, we may do more sharing in a video. But for now, this post is a fine place to do that sharing.

We believe that for us on the TiogaRV Team, we have stumbled on the best of all possible worlds. This world will include a home that we will build in Mexico, right here in Tequisquiapan.

We will be here in this home from the spring time to the fall of the year. During the late fall thru the early spring, we will spending our time in the State of Naryarit, on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Yes! We will be in the Pueblo of Aticama.

The reason for this move from the central highlands of Mexico to the Pacific coast is the weather. During the late fall and winter months, the weather is perfect at the Pacific coast. During the rest of the year, the weather is wonderful right here in Tequisquiapan.

Buying land before
Remember that I made an offer on that nice lot right next to Pete and Jimena's home? That was a lovely location. But I backed out of that deal.

At that time, it was only a few months after my son David had died. My mind was all messed up. Clear thinking for me was almost not possible. I was not able to think of my future back then, without perceiving myself going on without David. Just too much emotional stuff going on inside my head.

Those times are behind me now. Yes, I still think about David a lot. But not with emotional longing. I think about David with love and remembering now. Not with wishing, longing and anger at his loss.

So, I am ready now for this momentous change in my life!.

12 Noon - This lot that I want
Here is some info about this lot that I want to buy. First off, I do not know if this lot is even for sale! But, I have a hunch that it soon will be for sale. I was talking to my neighbors. Terry and Memo, a young couple who live just to the east of where Tioga is camped.

Terry told me that she knows the lady who owns this lot. That lady lives just down the street. Terry said that she would go to talk to this lady very soon. A little while later I saw Terry walk down the street. Maybe the lady will come over to talk? Maybe not. Que sera, sera!

This lot that I would like to buy is at the edge of a slope. In fact, this slope appears to begin in the middle of the lot! The slop descends maybe 50 meters down to a flat field. During the rainy season, this field turns into a lake. When the lake dries up, farmers plant crops in this field.

New Mavicita went outside this morning to capture some pano pics of the lot and the view beyond. The first pano pic was nice, but did not give a good perspective. So, New Mavicita went up on Tioga's roof for another pano pic.
View from the back of the lot

View from Tioga's roof

5PM - Perspective view of this land
It is clear from ShoutBox posts, that the distortion of the two pano-pics above gives readers the wrong perspective of the lot. New Mavicita has promised, that tomorrow morning, she will capture some pics that give a better view of the land.

In the meanwhile, we would like you to know that this land has quite a bit of flat space. Enough so that our architectural concept of the casita and garage/workshop is doable, without constructing a huge retaining wall and filling the space behind that wall with earth and rocks.

Clear sky