Saturday, April 07, 2012

Semana Santa

9AM - Semana Santa
Easter week in Mexico is called, "Semana Santa". Here in the City of Tequisquiapan, tourists have taken over!

The streets of Tequis are jammed with tourist traffic. MsTioga is not able to Nite Camp in our usual place across from Best Western Hotel. Instead we are staying behind Bodega Aurrera [a WalMart grocery]. This is a very nice street for sleeping. Nice homes here.

9:30AM - The Shirushi Japanese restaurant
I thought that you might like to know an interesting tidbit about the Shirushi restaurant that I wrote about during the past two days.

When Pete, Jimena and I went to Shirushi, it was our very first time there. We were very impressed how well trained were the habachi chefs. I asked our habachi chef if he went to Japan for training.

He replied, "The restaurant hired people from Japan to come here and teach us".

That training really shows! I have been going to sushi restaurants all over Mexico, and only a couple of them have even come close to really knowing how to prepare sushi and other Japanese foods. This Shirushi place knows!

11AM - A present for Mr. Sunny
A couple of days ago while shopping at the AutoZone store in San Juan, we spotted something that Mr. Sunny would be soooo happy to receive! This item was designed to be a cable clamp for a battery terminal. But we are using it as a terminal connector!

As you may see in the before/after pics below, the small cables are much more cleanly connected now!

PS: We understand that this is just a tiny thing. However, readers who enjoying doing this sort of stuff might understand why we on the TiogaRV Team get joy from it.
Cable clamp



3PM - The park
We were Day Camped behind the Soriana Grocery. After a couple hours, the street began filling up! This never happens. Nobody parks here. But we are in the middle of Semana Santa. And the zillions of tourists here in Tequisquiapan are entertaining themselves by going to the Tiangius [open air market place].

So, after eating breakfast/lunch, we moved to the lovely park across the highway.
BBQ chicken salad

Jorge & Tioga in the park

7PM - Holy times
As I mentioned, this week is Semana Santa, a holy time around Tequisquiapan. At Pete and Jimena's home we celebrated with Passover supper. And when MsTioga was driving to our Nite Camp, we came upon a gathering of the faithful.
Doreen, Gene, Pete, Jimena
Jorge is taking the pic

A gathering from the Catholic church

Blue sky