Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shipment shipped

8AM - Shipment shipped!
Yesterday afternoon on the way home from San Juan del Rio, Tioga pulled over for awhile to give Jorge a little nap time. After the nap, Mac [MacBook Pro] went online to find out the status of our first shipment from our freight forwarder, Bongo International. And guess what? Our shipment shipped!

Here are the stats for our first shipment:
  • Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Shipping cost: $232.54 [Including insurance]
  • Items include Tioga's new Bilstein shocks!
  • Where is the shipment now: DHL picked it up yesterday in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Right now it is at the Cincinnati, Ohio hub.
  • How did it get from Bridgeport to Cincinnati so fast? The shipment is flying! Wow!   

12 Noon - Tempura menu change
Our menu for the supper that I am preparing at Pete & Jimena's home this afternoon was going to be, fried chicken, pasta and a mixed salad. However, Jimena told me that she and Pete are trying to cut down on stuff like pasta. So, we have made a menu change.

Everything will be tempura. Chicken and veggy tempura. Have we told you that our tempura is to die for? Hmmmm?

8PM - Shipment reached Mexico City!
When I conceived of being able to shop in the USA and have what I bought shipped to Mexico, it never dawned me that my shipment would go by air! But that is exactly what happened!

My shipment is now in Mexico City. Wow! Double wow with sugar on it!