Friday, April 06, 2012

Toughing up

7AM - Toughing up!
It is amazing for me to realize, but the experience with my son David has actually made me into a stronger person. I am tougher now. Enjoy stuff more. And I do not worry about what may happen when making big changes.

For example, changing over to becoming an ExPat has given such a boost to my already exciting life! I just love what is happening soooo much.

One of the changes that I am working on that should make a big change in my life is the selection of a United States based freight forwarding service. This service will receive my mail and stuff that I buy, and store these items until I want them shipped to me here in Mexico.

I still will maintain my Americas Mailbox address in South Dakota. I like this mailbox service because it is very user friendly and attentive to my needs. However, a freight forwarding company prepares packages so that they have the proper documentation for shipping into Mexico. Very important thing! Americas Mailbox does not do this documentation stuff.

8AM - What is an ExPat?
Some readers have wondered if I will be giving up my United States citizenship by becoming and ExPat in Mexico. No! I will not be giving up my USA citizenship.

For the past nine years when I entered Mexico, I got a Mexican tourist visa. This tourist visa allows me to remain in Mexico for 180 days, and then I must exit Mexico. My new Mexican permit will be the FM3 which is a one year permit to reside in Mexico. The FM3 must be renewed each year, but I do NOT have to exit Mexico in order to renew.

The FM3 allows me to apply for the Mexican health care system. Since I will be living outside of the United States, I am not able to use Medicare.

12 Noon - Gene and Doreen
In a couple days here on our blog, you are going to get the opportunity to meet Gene and Doreen. This couple are in the process of building a home very close to Pete and Jimena's home.

Pete has been supervising the construction of this new home. Pete looks in daily on the two men doing the construction, buys the materials needed using funds provided by Gene and Doreen and arranges to pay the construction guys every Friday.

We will find out what plans Gene and Doreen have for living in Tequisquiapan, Mexico:
  • Are they planning to be ExPats too? 
  • What got them to decide on building in Tequis? 
  • What influenced them to choose Mexico?.

1PM - Bongo
We are right now in the process of signing up with Bongo International as our freight forwarding company. Bongo's warehouse is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Our purchases and things to be sent to us in Mexico will be sent to Bongo's Bridgeport warehouse.

After our sign up with Bongo is complete, we will be able to buy the stuff we need.

2PM - Office Depot
We are heading out of Tequis toward San Juan del Rio. In order to apply for our FM3, we need to get several things. We will use the printing services at Office Depot in San Juan to provide:
  • Copy of US passport, including all pages, whether empty or not
  • Copy of Mexican FMM Tourist Visa
  • Copies of last three bank statements. Actually an original statement is required including a copy. But our original will actually be a printed color copy of a downloaded bank statement. The copy will be in black and white. How will they know that the color copy is NOT an original?
After doing our business at Office Depot, we will head to AutoZone to buy a little present for Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank. New Mavicita will take a pic of this present for you to see. It will be really neat!

6PM - Shirushi again!
Just yesterday evening, I was here at the Shirushi Restaurant with Pete and Jimena. And here I am again! Wow!

MsTioga was passing Shirushi's place, and I thought to myself, why not stop? So of course, MsTioga stopped. Right in front of Shirushi too! You may think that I am kind of spoiled, going out to eat at the same place over two successive days.

Just call me porky.
Shirushi Restaurant

Habachi cook at work

My Tabiyequi special

Partly cloudy