Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back panel

9AM - Laying out back panel
This morning we are busy laying out the cut-outs for electronic gear to be mounted in the back panel of our rebuilt computer workstation.

It is a bit damp and cold outside. A good sized thunder, lightning, rain storm passed last nite. So, we are doing this work in MsTioga's dining room!
Jorge working on back panel

Sunday morning breakfast

11AM - "Friends" Forum topic
You may know that yesterday I created a topic in the Tioga-George Forum, titled "Friends". This topic was created to enable discussion about a "falling-out" that I had with a friend of mine. You may go to that topic by clicking [here].

The reason that I am posting about this Forum topic now, is that some readers have posted there in what I consider, an unusual manner. One such post from a person who calls himself, Philip, dug up in my web writing things that I wrote several years ago. He posted copies of my writing in very bold, large black type. His post seemed extremely critical. Why would Philip go to such effort?

Another poster, who has since deleted his post, wrote about what he considered the reason that my son David killed himself. Wow! Give me a break!

From time to time, an obsessive-compulsive person latches on to me with a point of view which they drive home like a hammer. One such person noticed that I had begun spending more money recently, and connecting the dots, he determined that I had received money from my dead son David's estate. I told this guy that I was not discussing his point of view, and asked him to quit asking me about that subject. He would not let go! Finally, at long-last, he did let go. Why do such people as this concern themselves with such things?

During the early years of my blog, a reader who lived in the Middle West contacted me about his wanting to help me understand some point of view that he held. I told this person that I was not interested. But he insisted. In fact, he insisted so much that he told me that he was flying out from Indiana to California to meet me! Can you imagine that? Anyway, I did some online research about this man and found out who is wife and children were (by name). When I sent an email to him asking him if his family knew about what he was doing, and listed all those names, he went away and I never heard from him again.

I do not understand this type of behavior and feel very sorry for those who have it.

2PM - Back panel status
The cut-outs are in and the top round-over molding is glued on. Little by little......!

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