Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bilstein 2nd look

1AM - Bilstein shocks: A second look
MsTioga has had at least 4-sets of shock absorbers since we have been together. The shocks that she came with, two other sets, and now at long last, her Bilsteins.

One of those two, "other sets" of shocks was purchased and installed right here at the Euskadi shop that installed the Bilstein shocks yesterday. I can recall discussing shocks with the same guy [the shop manager] that I talked to yesterday about installing the Bilstein shocks.

On June 6, 2009, I came here to this very shop looking to buy and install "larger" shocks into MsTioga. This same guy told me, "There are are no larger shocks for your van chassis." With that bad information in mind, I decided to buy from him the smaller KYB shocks that we replaced yesterday with larger Bilstein shocks. And I have suffered with those smaller, inferior shocks for three years!

I have long suspected that there were larger shocks for MsTioga. Back in the early years [2003-2004], I used to take MsTioga to Jose's Auto Service in Concord, California. I recall asking Jose for the largest shocks that could be purchased for MsTioga. He told me he would get those "large" shocks. And I recall clearly being amazed when I saw the shocks that he bought were the "exact same size" as the old shocks. Jose told me, "These are the largest shocks."

It is clear to me now, that I cannot go looking for advice from auto repair places. Their advice is at the very best, self-serving advice. I have got to know for myself what is best for MsTioga. And I have got to learn what is best thru hard work and studying. Not asking repair shop managers.

The Bilstein shocks that were installed yesterday are more than 1/2" diameter larger than the KYB shocks that were being replaced. And the Bilsteins performed as I thought larger shocks would perform.

If I had it all to do over again!
If I could have known back in 2003 what I know now, I would have bought truck shocks that were designed for a vehicle the weight of Tioga and with a length as close as possible to the length of Tioga's original shocks. Then I would have taken those truck shocks to a welding shop and had Tioga's original shock absorber mounts replaced with the mounts for my newly purchased truck shocks.

If I would have done this shock absorber conversion in 2003, I would have had a decent ride all of these past years. Well, you live and learn!

9AM - Hummingbirds and meat loaf
This morning we made hummingbird food and hung our hummingbird feeder on the corner fence post. The feeder is in clear view from MsTioga's dining room window. Now we have to be patient until the hummingbirds in our neighborhood find our "flower". Hummingbird in Spanish is colibrí. Also, chuparrosa.

We also have a meat loaf in the oven! First time in many months since we have prepared meat loaf. Have you read "MsTioga's Spicy Meat Loaf" recipe? [link]
Waiting for hummingbirds is hard work!

Meat loaf-fresh from the oven!

Note about recipe: In making this meat loaf, I changed from using catsup to using BBQ sauce. In fact, BBQ sauce may be much better tasting! Don't change the brown sugar though. Essential for "the" taste!

10AM - Friendships that fall out
Yesterday I posted about a friendship of mine that has fallen out. This I feel, is a very interesting and challenging subject. Much too big a subject for ShoutBox!

So, I have begun a topic in Tioga-George Forum. You may click [here] to go to this topic. Also, there is a link to "Forum" on every blog page.

Note: In order to post into this Topic, you have to register. Very easy to register! I invite all to participate.

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