Friday, May 11, 2012


8AM - Bilstein: There is no substitute!
This morning Tioga and The TiogaRV Team drove from our Home Camp to the Euskaidi tire place in Central Tequisquiapan. This tire shop has the most experienced installers with shock absorbers.

Today is the day when our Bilstein shocks, purchased in the USA and designed especially for Class-C RVs, will be installed on MsTioga! Of course we all are very excited to drive on these new shocks.
  • How will Tioga handle speed bumps now?
  • How will Tioga handle rough roads now?
The answers to these questions: Bilstein Shocks-There is no substitute!
MsTioga loves her Bilsteins!

PS: The Bilstein shocks are the best! I am able to drive over most speed bumps now without several huge bounces. With these Bilsteins, there is an up and down and that's it. The shocks are truly "absorbed". Also, Tioga is able to drive much faster over rough roads without everything inside bouncing around.

6PM - When friends fall out
Recently a friend of mine and I had a falling out. I suppose that it is normal for some to eventually take friendships for granted when they perceive a friend as having "feet of clay".  And when this transition from respect and tolerance changes into demands and lack of consideration, friendships suffer.

Sometimes it is necessary, it seems, to separate in order to let friendship find its own way. However, it is a sad time, regardless of what eventually happens.

8PM - Items of note around the TiogaRV Team
  • Internet reception lately has been 5-bars [up from 3-4 bars]
  • Sirius/XM Radio reception has been 3-bars since changing the antenna location to inside one of the cabinets [up from 1-bar]
  • The little dog Pulachia is now hanging around MsTioga a lot. Takes naps here too. Could it be that she is influenced by two meals a day of Purina Dog Chow?
  • Mr. Levelers does not have to level out MsTioga anymore. Jorge built up two mounds of small and large rocks. Tioga drives on to these two mounds which raise her up to level. Jorge knows where to stop because there is a white arrow on the ground next to the driver's side door.

Clear sky