Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Bongo International

1AM - Bongo International not recommended
Tioga and George do NOT recommend Bongo International

Several readers warned me about Bongo International, a freight forwarder. But I did not listen to them. Now my first shipment has been "on-hold" for a week. Supposedly in Queretaro, Mexico with DHL. And I have not been able to get Bongo to reply to my messages asking for help.

So, I signed up with another freight forwarder. This new company's name is: USA Mail1 [link].

I guess some of us [meaning me], learn things the hard way! I just do not know how Bongo can survive without good service. What are the people at Bongo thinking? Just boggles the mind.

10AM - Doctor Espinoza
I was sure that I had an appointment at 9:30am with Doctor Espinoza, my cardiologist. However, when I arrived at the hospital, the receptionist informed that the appointment is for 5pm, not 9:30am.

No problem! The TiogaRV Team has plenty things to do in Tequis Central. We will spend the day here. Also, our laundry at Zamiri's Lavanderia will be ready at 4pm.

2PM - Need a bank
When shipments arrive from the USA, often it will be necessary to pay import duty to Mexico. Also, when we buy land here, we need a way to conveniently transfer cash from the USA to Mexico.

We need a bank account in Mexico!

But getting a bank account is sort of a "Catch22" kind of thing. Scotia Bank informed that we will need to provide [among other things] proof of address. However, we don't have an address here. If we owned the land we want to buy, we would have an address. But we need a bank account to pay for the land. Catch22.

However, in the USA we have a bank account at HSBC Bank. And, there is an HSBC here in Tequisquiapan. HSBC informed, we do not need proof of address in order to open an account at the local HSBC!
HSBC - Tequisquiapan

3:30PM - Finally! Bongo gave some service!
Finally, after several days of calling, inquiring and practically begging for help; one of Bongo's customer service people actually made a phone call to find out where our shipment is being held. Also, how much duty must be paid.

We are driving to Queretaro tomorrow morning for an appointment with Felipe The Fixer who secured my FM3 immigration permit. After Felipe, we will pick up this shipment. Wow!

Getting Bongo's customer service people to perform is a tough, tough, tough job!

12 Midnite - Workstation rebuild has begun!
We want to thank readers who advised us to use Gorilla Glue. This stuff works! We began the rebuild about 9pm. So far, we have anchored the right and left frame sticks to Tioga's wall. We did a little more too.

We are using the same construction concept adopted in 2003 when the workstation was built. Mostly short wood sticks create a frame which supports the desk. Except now Gorilla Glue holds the wood framing to the wall, not just screws. We are using screws to do the clamping so that the Gorilla Glue sets up. But after the Gorilla Glues does set up, the screws will not really be doing anything.

In the pic below, the end of one stick is being glued in place. The clamps provide the pressure that Gorilla Glue needs to setup. Pretty neat clamps, huh?
Gluing and clamping

PS: If you zoom in, you may see a damaged stick. This damage occurred during our trip to Kino Bay. The broken stick will be replaced during the rebuild. There is a temporary support stick underneath the level. This temp stick will be removed when the rear of the frame is completed.

PPS: New Mavicita made this pic especially large. So, you may zoom in twice! If you zoom in twice, use your arrow keys to scroll up/down, left/right

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