Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buying vs Camping

11AM - Buying vs Camping!
Well! It looks like I did it again! Made a decision to buy land, and then went ahead and changed my mind. What a Mug-Wump I turned out to be! My mug on one side of the fence. And my wump on the other side!

Here is what it all boils down to. A comparison between living in a home at a fixed location vs living in MsTioga at many locations. After making the "buy the land" decision a couple of weeks ago, I kept coming back to the big question:
Why buy the land when I am able to camp here for free?

There is no doubt that if I built a casita with a garage workshop, that this would be a great home site for me. But, would it be better than living in MsTioga? Better than being free as a bird? Better than being able to come and go without a care in the World?

3PM - Cactus garden
Over the past week, we bought two 6" high cactus. This morning the cactus were "planted" in a rock pile that we built in front of MsTioga's door. They are in the rock pile to disguise that the cactus are still in plastic pots.

We plan to buy more 6" cactus!
Our cactus garden

4PM - Our shipment is on-the way!
After many, many starts, stops, stalls and glitches, our shipment from USAMail1 is finally on its way! You may recall that one major glitch was that shippers do not carry what is now known as "hazardous materials" on international flights. We have a battery and air-conditioner coming. Apparently these are now considered hazardous.

This shipment is going via DHL ground.

Here is the shipment inventory:

Quantity    Description                                             Cost each         Total
    1           Air Conditioner, Coleman Polar Cub        575.99            575.99
    1           Air Conditioner ceiling assembly                55.99             55.99
    2           Bargman LED Tail light assembly               55.92            111.84
    1           RC30 Radiator cap                                      26.00              26.00
    1           Set, hex shank drill bits                              20.53              20.53
    1           Makita 9000 battery                                     24.85              24.85
    1           Camco Wave3 heater                                192.50            192.50
    1           Package, mail documents                                0                    0
                                                                             TOTAL:             $1,007.70.

Cost to ship via DHL: $686.95 including insurance.

5PM - Our blooming garden
Around mid-afternoon the Sun has moved to the west. A very nice shadow comes and makes it very comfortable to sit out in front of MsTioga! New Mavicita, MacBook and I sit out here every afternoon.

Since we made the water deal with our neighbors, Guillermo and Theresa, we have all the water we can use. So, we have taken to watering the grass that is growing here. You would be so surprised what blooms! The grass is growing like a weed! And flowers are blooming in our garden.

In the pic below is a volunteer. A lovely red-orange flower which is about the size of my thumb.
One of our flowers!

Clear blue sky