Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cannot ship

7AM - You cannot ship that!
Did you know that there are items that you may ship anywhere in the USA, but cannot ship internationally? Well, apparently this is true.

We received an email from our freight forwarder which asked where our shipment will be going. This email claimed, ".... there appear to be some of your items that we would not be able to ship internationally".

We must wait until next week in order to learn which of our items may not be shipped to Mexico by our freight forwarder. I hope that one of these "excluded" items is NOT our new air conditioner!

PS afterthought: Are you as pissed as I am from having government telling us what can and cannot be done? I sure hope that there is a time coming, when we the people tell them to get off of our backs!

8AM - The roof vent project
Yesterday we told you about our roof vent project. Our new roof vent installation is different. Our roof vents are designed to be installed so that the flanges are flat on the roof. We do not like this "flat on the roof" part of the installation because eventually rain penetrates the seal between the vent flange and the roof. Then rain would leak into MsTioga!

So, we have changed the installation in an easy but very effective re-design. In the pics below, we describe how this new design works.
The board marked 3" riser is actually part of the frame. The board marked 2" spacer,
is being used only to setup the shot. 2" is the thickness of Tioga's roof. So, you have to imagine 
the 2" riser being MsTioga's roof.

8AM - More pics
In order to get a better idea about how this vent installation is going to be done, we found a place where one of the vents could be turned upside down [MsTioga's kitchen sink!]. In this position, we are able to figure out where the fiberglass will be installed.

When you click on these pics to make the image big, you'll be able to read the red writing that describes our plan. Fiberglass will come from the roof, go up the riser and over the riser's top. The flange of the vent with this new installation, is no longer flat on the roof. It is sealed to the fiberglass at the top of the riser.

The second pic is a close-up view showing where the interior garnish of the roof vent goes.

6PM - A present for Jack!
We just returned from a shopping trip to San Juan del Rio. One of the things that we bought is, a present for Jack, a big yellow dog who lives in Theresa and Guillermo's home next door to Home Camp.

While Peluchita has the run of the neighborhood. Poor Jack is always chained up in the corner of the yard. Day and nite. Nite and day. Jack is confined to his tiny place in the yard. During the day, we often go to say hello to Jack in his corner. Jack is always very friendly. He craves attention and petting..

About a week ago, I was in the yard and talking with Guillermo. I asked permission to buy a present for Jack. And described a cable setup, which would allow Jack the dog to have a run of about 20 meters along the fence. Gullermo gave me permission!

So, this afternoon we bought Jack's present [see pic below]. We plan to install the present next week.
Jack in his corner

The present

Very clear sky