Thursday, May 03, 2012


5AM - Challenges!
My Mother told me many times:
"Obstacles are what you see, when you take your eyes off your goal!

In fact, Mom even gave me a little plaque with these words. This plaque is on the wall of Tioga's kitchen. I took a long look at that plaque, when our Garmin Nuvi GPS locked up on me yesterday afternoon!

I did not really grasp how dependent I have come to be on that Garmin guy! I even forgot to write down on paper, addresses which are important to me. Why should I write down addresses? Garmin knows where everybody is located. Well, not anymore he doesn't!

Yesterday afternoon Tioga and I left the area of the DHL terminal, and headed toward the neighborhood of Felipe the Fixer. We have a 10am appointment with Felipe for a 2nd attempt to get my FM3. When I turned on Garmin Nuvi, everything seemed normal. Until disaster struck! Garmin Nuvi locked up! When I tapped the screen for "Favorites", Garmin Nuvi did not do anything! No response! Was Garmin dead?

After the Garmin died, Tioga and I were flying blind. We did not know where we were or where we were going. We drove around searching for sometrhing? Who knows what? A place to camp? Nothing came into view! Then a huge rainstorm hit!

I am not making this up. A torrential rainstorm blew in, and it was like a waterfall cascading from Tioga's  roof. The street got flooded. Wow! But we kept driving on, blind to where we were or where we were headed.

Finally, at around 8pm yesterday evening, it was getting dark.  The rain had slacked. So, we just pulled over where we were and made Nite Camp. I decided that a cure for a disastrous day like this one, was a fried chicken supper. So, I whipped up some batter, made battered fried onion rings and red peppers. Then fried chicken.

Fixing that Garmin Nuvi guy
Anyway, there must be a cure for a Garmin "freezing up", or "locking up". And we went online to find that cure. But first I needed some sleep. And went to bed at about 10PM. I woke up at 2am, and went online to find out what to do for Garmin.

Well, we found it. "Master Reset", it's called. "Be sure and save your GPX file, we were warned!" So, we found the GPX file and copied it to the desktop.

However, when we did the Master Reset, and restarted Garmin Nuvi, and then moved the GPX file from desktop to GPS, there were no Favorites there? But at least Garmin Nuvi was working now. Not locking up!

But how were Tioga and I supposed to find where Felipe the Fixer's office was? We decided to search for the Mexican Immigration Office here in Querétaro. Felipe's office is right around the corner. And using Google Search and Google Maps, we located Felipe's place!

5:30AM - Off to Felipe's
So now all that needs to be done, is do the dishes from last nite's supper, and take off for Felipe's place. If the Garmin works, we will be there in a short while!

6:30AM - Nite Camped near Felipe's
We have made a Nite Camp [anyway, for whatever is left of nite] on a side street which should be somewhat quiet for sleeping. Our Nite Camp link below, shows are present location.

BTW, Garmin Nuvi performed flawlessly getting us here!

Clear sky