Tuesday, May 08, 2012


9AM - Conditions inside MsTioga
With all of the work that is being done, conditions inside MsTioga may be a bit hectic at times. That is why Jorge is eating away from the dining table this morning.
Dining area disaster!

Jorge at improvised workstation

3PM - Workstation progress
As you may see in the first pic below, we have separated the workstation into two parts. Right and left. Each of these parts is now substantially tied into MsTioga's walls. Much of the electrical parts in the left part that were functional when we had a desktop computer onboard, have been removed.

Also in the first pic below, on the right side, you see three duplex receptacles. These were used to power Mr. Datastorm, who has since retired. One of the duplex receptacles will be installed in the new back panel's right side to power or recharge MacBook Pro and our Android phone.

The new workstation back panel must be finish coated with Varathane before this project is complete. Finish coating will take some time. Until then, the electric components that will be installed into the new back panel, cannot be installed. So, we have made a temporary connection with Mr. Levelers, our leveling system. He temporarily resides on a board at the front of our battery bank. See pic below.
Current status of workstation project

Mr. Leveler's current home