Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Constantly searching

7AM - Constantly searching
This morning while putting something away in our cab-over cabinet, we noticed that the cabinet's face frame had come away! The center/vertical section of the frame, was now behind the horizontal section! This is NOT a good thing to see.

Apparently when I built this cabinet back in 2004, not enough glue was used in the joint. This defect was noticed maybe a year or so back. In order to repair, glue was put into the joint and the two sections jacked back into place. That repair did not hold!

So, this morning we prepared a little board that is being glued into place that ties these two parts of the face frame together. In the pic below, New Mavicita captured a close-up of the little board, glued and clamped. Our other clamp [out-of-sight] is clamping the opposite end of the little board.

We prepared a second little board to tie together the same face frame parts that pass thru the cabinet's shelf. The glue and clamp process will be used there too.

If we are to live in MsTioga, we must be "constantly searching" for things that are breaking, or have broken. There is no getting by this maintenance responsibility. We cannot claim age or infirmity as an excuse for not inspecting and finding stuff that is failing.

Actually, it is not such a burden to be constantly alert and do this inspecting. Even underneath MsTioga. We just take our time, and crawl around under there. Here in Tequisquiapan, there is an ideal place to do this inspecting. It is the very low traffic street behind the Soriana Store. This street is paved with red concrete blocks and pretty clean.
Face frame repair

9AM - Land buying story continues
When Pete & Jimena first introduced us to the section of Colonia Santillan [a suburb of Tequisquiapan] where we are living now, they showed us a lot that was for sale one block from the highway. While camping next to this lot that evening, our next door neighbor, Juan Lugo walked over to say, "Hi". He introduced himself as a relative of the lady selling this lot.

The following morning, Tioga and I drove further down the hill. That's when we first found what is now our Home Camp. During the following weeks, we learned about the owners of the two lots next to Home Camp. Doña Elena owns the lot we call "Cerca". And Doña Guadalupe owns "Arroyo".

About a week ago, Doña Elena paid us a visit during which she asked for 300,000 pesos for Cerca, a 625M² lot. This is twice the going price according to recent land sales. We have not contacted Doña Elena to negotiate further, because we are waiting for Doña Guadalupe.

Yesterday afternoon, Juan Lugo walked down to MsTioga. We invited him inside, and chatted about various things. But at the end of our chatting it became clear that Juan Lugo was not here to only chat. He had another lot to offer to us. A lot that Juan Lugo claimed to be far enough from the highway, to be very peaceful. And this other lot had a marvelous view! Juan Lugo and I made a date to get together to see this "view lot". One day this week when he comes home from work, he will drive to Home Camp, pick me up and we will go see the lot

The plot thickens!

A couple of minutes after Juan Lugo left Home Camp, our neighbor Theresa [Teri] walked over wondering what Juan Lugo was doing here. Apparently Teri had observed Juan Lugo entering MsTioga [nothing goes un-noticed here in Colonia Santillan!]. I told her about Juan Lugo's land for sale. A view lot, no less. In a very peaceful place!

Do you suppose? Will the grapevine of Colonia Santillan inform Doñas Elena and Guadalupe about Juan Lugo's visit? Hmmmmm?

11AM - Doña Elena visits Cerca
A few minutes ago, Doña Elena was seen walking on her land, right in front of MsTioga! I went outside to say hello to her. We talked about my newly purchased hummingbird feeder. We talked about anything and everything, except about her land.

This is the first time that I have seen Doña Elena visit her land. First time she has been here since she offered to sell her land to me.

12 Noon - Bongo International "NOT RECOMMENDED"
Here is the latest info on Bongo International. We are strongly NOT recommending Bongo International for a freight forwarding service. This company, in my opinion, really is not an actual freight forwarder. They have other companies under contract, who actually do the shipping and likely the receiving of stuff that I buy.

Bongo's customer service is also quite limited in being able to help its customers. Because they are NOT a real freight forwarder [as I described above], they do not control who they use as shippers [ie; FedEx, DHL, UPS]. They cannot communicate directly with the actual freight forwarder that they are using. What they do is, send "messages" to this actual freight forwarder. As a result, often there is a delay of 1 to 3 days in processing anything.

Again, Tioga and George do NOT recommend Bongo International as a freight forwarder. We are using USAMail1 as our freight forwarder from now on.

PS: It is nice to have push! Because of our relationship with Google, often our web pages come to the top of Google Search Engine results. That's what has happened with our posts about not recommending Bongo International!

7PM - Computer workstation rebuild complete!
This afternoon we finish coated the workstation back-panel with Varathane-satin finish. It came out nice. Then we re-installed the electronic devices including a new 120ac duplex receptacle.

After a little tweaking, New Mavicita took a pic to share with you.
Computer workstation rebuild

Clear sky