Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doing my best

9AM - Doing my best
During the 1960s and 1970s, I worked for Punch Press Products [PPP] in Los Angeles, California. Now I am in Home Camp, Colonia Santillan, Mexico. It may seem strange, but there are similarities between what I did in both of these far distant places.

The last four years of my nine years with PPP, I managed the company. There were times when I did not know what was coming up. PPP is a contract metal goods manufacturer. Who knew what kind work would come along? But for sure, something would come along!

That is how it is for me now at Home Camp. I do not know what is coming. Will Doña Guadalupe sell me her lot which we call "Arroyo"? Or, will we buy Doña Elena's, "Cerca"? Or maybe neither of these things will happen! What should I be doing?

I've gone thru many times in my life when "what was coming up?" was not clear. One thing that I have learned about those times:
"Now is the time to do your very best, George! What is coming up is going to demand a lot from you. Be ready!"

10:30AM - Enjoying myself
Another thing that I've learned from all of my varied experiences, is that Enjoying Myself is directly linked to Being Organized!

Let's put it another way. Being "unorganized" means not getting things done, confusion and NOT enjoying myself.

So, what do we on the TiogaRV Team do to enjoy our life? How do we keep organized? It is sooooo easy! We put everything that needs to be done "in the bucket".

Things that need repair. Appointments that we make. Money that we paid for gasoline or other purchases. Maintenance items that need to be done. People that we contact. Everything goes on a piece of paper and that paper goes, "into the bucket".

Each morning, we grab the bucket and go thru all of the papers inside. We make two piles. In one pile are the things that we want to do today. The other pile is, all of the stuff that does not have to be done today. Then we prioritize the "today" pile. That's it! Nothing unique or special. I bet that you are doing the same thing yourself!
The bucket!

8:30PM - Lotsa stuff done
Just sat down at the computer workstation after a busy day. We completed several jobs that needed doing.
  • Changed electric wire to levelers from 20 gauge to 14 gauge. Thanks, Diugo!
  • Re-located the alarm buzzer for the levelers. The buzzer used to be mounted on the back wall, underneath the computer workstation. Now it is mounted on the front wall of the workstation, right next to Tioga's toilet. Much better here. We can hear the warning buzzer much better now.
  • Installed inserts into Little Honda the generator's cabinet. We used to hold the cabinet door closed with wood screws. Now with the inserts, we use 1/4-20 screws. Much better!
  • Cleaned up the outside area in front of MsTioga's front door. There was a bunch of left-over wood there from our recent construction projects. We broke down this wood for transport to the dump.
  • Met with neighbor, Juan Lugo who owns a piece of land that he wants to sell. Juan Lugo's land is about 1,000m². Have not discussed price yet. We plan to go see this lot tomorrow afternoon around 6pm.
  • Made a date for tomorrow morning at 9am with Cruz the Plumber. We want Cruz to install the new toilet, repair a leaky bathroom faucet. Also fix a very, very slow leak in the plumbing near MsTioga's house water pump. I could do all of these jobs myself. But Cruz the Plumber is better than I am at jobs like these.
Mostly clear sky