Tuesday, May 22, 2012


8AM - Ejido land
Juan Lugo drove to Home Camp yesterday afternoon about an hour late. As he drove up he said to me, "Tarde!" [late]. I replied, "No problem!". We picked up his Aunt Sofia [landowner] and drove to see the lot that is for sale. It's not a bad lot. High up on the slope of the land on which most of Colonia Santillan rests. Not a great view. But a decent view. Several nice homes nearby.

However, in my opinion, this lot does not compare to Home Camp. The view here is minimal compared to the fabulous view from Home Camp. And, it turns out that the lot is on Ejido land.

I have to tell you that I have a great deal to learn about Ejido land. It could very well be that the two lots next to Home Camp, "Arroyo" and "Cerca" are Ejido land. When Doña Elena offered to sell her lot to me, I did not ask her if her lot is on private or Ejido land.

10AM - Breakfast pic tasty today!
When New Mavicita saw my breakfast this morning, she captured a pic immediately! Matzah, eggs and onions, Johnsonville sausage, toast, strawberries and iced tea with limon.

11AM - My Son David
The thought crossed my mind this morning about removing David's pic/blog link from my own blog page. This comes up every now and then. I could not remove it. Not yet!

It would be like another link between David and myself being broken.

5PM - More about Mexico land
Boeing46 wondered about my plans to buy land here at Home Camp. So, I promised to write about my land plans here in the blog.

I am not 100% sure about buying land. My friend, psyflyjon suggested that I rent or lease land. "Better than buying", says psyflyjon,. Especially Ejido land. If something goes sour, MsTioga and I could simply drive away. We would only have construction invested in rented land.

There is no doubt that buying/leasing land presents some problems. When I am not here, the property is subject to vandalism. Although here in Colonia Santillan, vandalism may be a minimal risk. Buying/leasing also brings up the subject of not being as free as I have been in past years.

Hmmmmm? The more that I write here, the more I am concluding that it is much better to simply camp out at Home Camp! Amazing!
Jorge, MacBook & Peluchita
7pm - Home Camp

Bright blue sky