Saturday, May 26, 2012

Face red

8AM - My face is so red!
Yesterday, I made a jerk of myself here on my blog. I accused Bank of America of bad service because their phone system appeared to be hanging up on me during my calls to BofA's customer service department.

It turns out that my own phone company, Rebtel, actually was doing the hanging up. Apparently, Rebtel maintains some control over my phone calls going thru the Rebtel system. When BofA's automatic phone system transferred my call to a live BofA customer service person, Rebtel intercepted the call, and on about the 10th ring, hung up!

I learned about what was actually happening during a phone call to USbank. During that call, USbank's phone system transferred my call to one of their live customer service people. And on the 10th ring, my phone call hung up. Well, it is very unlikely that my call to two different banks wound up being hung up on!

The culprit had to be Rebtel! I tested my thinking out by phoning Bank of America and USbank by phoning them directly. Not using the Rebtel phone system. And I got thru to a live customer service person in both instances.

So, I am here on my blog apologizing to you, BofA, and anybody else that I insulted by jumping to conclusions. I have also apologized to the BofA customer service persons to whom I sent rude email messages.

What a bummer this experience has been for me!!

11:30AM - Luxury of my time
It takes a certain amount of time to do everything that we do. It's not necessary to tell you this. You know how long it takes to drive from your home to the grocery. How long to mow your lawn. This understanding of time is the same for me.

For quite a while, I have taken a lot longer to do some things than is necessary. In doing this, I'm immersing myself in the luxury of my time.

Richard Saunders is a pseudonym that Benjamin Franklin used when publishing his, "Poor Richard's Almanac". This almanac is a an accumulation of advice from Benjamin Franklin. One piece of advice that I particularly care for is: "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time ! for that's the stuff Life is made of", as Poor Richards says.

I have been given a great gift with the founding of Home Camp. The gift of time! Time to do! Time to think! Time to get my life's perspective in order! I shall not squander the luxury of my time spent here!

6PM - Oprah and energy
This morning I stumbled upon Oprah Radio on the XM Satellite Receiver. I've never tuned in to Oprah before. Something that Oprah said caught my attention.

Oprah stated that she believed that people created their own energy. She said that we were responsible for the kind of energy that we put out. Whether our energy is positive or negative. Also, Oprah went on, we were responsible for who we allowed to be associated with us. Because if we allowed associations with persons who put out negative energy, this could impact our lives badly.

What Oprah said rang a big bell with me. I call it being balanced and centered. But it appears that positive and negative energy is the same thing as being balanced and centered. These are very obscure terms. So let me cut to the center of what positive/negative energy and balanced/centered means.

Remember "The Prime Directive" from the Star Trek TV series? My Prime Directive is: To know myself completely. For me, knowing myself completely = knowing why I do, everything that I do. Once I consciously know why I do, every thing that I do, I no longer am impacted by sub-conscious stuff going on inside my brain. From that point forward, I become my own person. Responsible for what I do, what I say, how I behave.

Coming back to Oprah: People who produce positive energy are completely aware of themselves. They impact those around them in a positive way. People benefit from being around positive energy people.

I agree with what I heard on Oprah Radio today!

Clear sky