Wednesday, May 16, 2012

For sale

10AM - For sale
Pete Schuster has told me many times, "Everything in Mexico is for sale, for a price!". I believe that Pete is right about his perception. And that is why I am holding out about buying land next to Home Camp. Guadalupe, the owner of the lot we call Arroyo, is "thinking" about selling. This "thinking" revelation came from my neighbor, Theresa. This "thinking" thing includes me too. I am "thinking" about buying!

In the meantime, The TiogaRV Team really is enjoying our Home Camp at the dead-end of a dirt road in Colonia Santillan, a suburb of Tequisquiapan. We are getting a lot done here.

Let's review what we have accomplished recently and what we plan to do:

  • Telephone system for calling to the USA from Mexico.
  • California phone number for calling us in Mexico from the USA.
  • A system for buying things in the USA and having them shipped to us in Mexico
  • Received our FM3 permit which allows us to stay in Mexico permanently. No need to leave Mexico every six months anymore.
  • Rebuilt our computer workstation
  • Bought an air-conditioner from the USA. A small one. We may need air-conditioning in the future because of staying in warm areas instead of moving around to find ideal weather.
  • Replace both roof vents in MsTioga. Our present forward vent does not work at all. And the rear vent leaks a bit during rain.
  • Re-paint MsTioga's roof. Jose the fiberglass guy told me in 2007 that the roof must be repainted every 4-5 years in order to protect the fiberglass.
  • Replacing MsTioga's toilet. Our old toilet is going on 22-years old, has a broken lid hinge. Is giving signs of the flapper valve failing. We bought a replacement toilet from the USA.
  • Getting MsTioga fumigated. There are lots of insects here in Mexico that would love to eat a sweet thing like Tioga. Also, there are dreaded roaches here.
Pano looking east, 7:30pm, just before sundown

12 Noon - Breakfast at noon
Whatta life!
Cheese & onion omelette

4PM - Pulichinas fur is more brown!
Since we began feeding Pulichina Purina Dog Chow, she has eaten a 1 kg bag of this dog food. We noticed a few days ago, that Pulichina's fur is more brown now. Do you think that a change like that could occur in only a couple of weeks?
Definitely more brown now!

After New Mavicta captured a pic of Pulachina's brown fur, we walked back to MsTioga and found the goats grazing there again.
These sheep graze here every afternoon

Clear sky