Wednesday, May 30, 2012


7AM - Paying fumigation
This morning at the HSBC bank here in Tequisquiapan, I'll pay for the fumigation charge in order to get my shipment released. There is no way around doing this fumigation.

It seems that the big mistake that I made for this shipment, is the selection of USAMail1 as my freight forwarder. USAMail1 just does not appear to have the necessary experience for shipping stuff to Mexico.

This makes two times that I have selected the wrong freight forwarder. Wow! First I picked Bongo International of terrible customer service fame! Now I picked USAMail1 who has customer service, but not enough shipping experience to Mexico!

However, I am not giving up on finding the right freight forwarding company. For my next shipment, I am going to use Merkalink! Click [here] to take a peek a Merkalink's website.

Another freight forwarding company that is being considered is, Medrano Express [link].

8AM - Speaking of fumigation!
We have long been concerned about MsTioga's insect infestation. Where we are in Mexico, there are lots of aggressive insects. Including termites! We do not know if it is possible to have a termite infestation in a motor home. But we do not want to take any chances about that.

There is a very nice guy who owns a fumigation company located in central Tequisquiapan. We are going to talk to him this morning!

4PM - Back at Home Camp!
The first thing at Home Camp, we connected our watering hose, put out the camp chair and watered the ground in front of MsTioga. For some reason, we like wet looking ground much better than dry ground. Sure dries fast though!

There must be 20 or 30 hummingbirds eating at our sweet flower. We love to watch them!

While on our trip today, we traveled from Home Camp all the way south to San Juan del Rio. San Juan is not too far away. Only takes about 1/2 an hour to get there.

We stopped at Office Depot and printed out the bank deposit instructions for the guy doing the fumigation of our shipment. Then went to the Soriana store and bought some little pots and planting mixture for the flower seeds we bought the other day. Stopped at AutoZone and bought some more battery tie downs. Picked up some of my blood pressure medication [which, BTW, only costs $25US/month]. Then filled our 5-gallon drinking water bottles. Finally, we went to HSBC bank and deposited the fumigation fee of 1,392 pesos [$102US].

We have been busy-bees!
Jorge loves to water!

Clear sky