Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot shower

6:30AM - Hot shower!
I never take a shower inside MsTioga during the early morning. Because it seemed too cold to shower! However, this morning I decided to crank up Mr. Wave6, our catalytic heater. I wanted to find out if Wave6 would be able to raise the inside temperature to a comfortable level. And guess what? It is now 68°F inside Tioga! Outside it is only 53°F. That Wave6 is great.

So, I took a hot shower during the early morning, and it was really comfortable. Even getting out of the hot shower to dry off was pretty comfortable! Can you imagine that? After nine years, something new!

PS: BTW, we bought a new catalytic heater. This new heater is part of our next shipment coming from the USA. It is the smaller Wave3 Catalytic Heater. We have found that we only use our Wave6 at its lowest setting. So the new Wave3 should be good for us. We plan to send Wave6 back to the USA for a new catalyst pad. When we build our little casita [home], the rebuilt Wave6 can be used to warm the casita.

9AM - Cruz the Plumber
I like Cruz the Plumber. He has repaired stuff for MsTioga several times. When Cruz makes an appointment, he is always on time!

It took Cruz about one hour to install the toilet. Then he began work on the leaking faucets in the bathroom sink. While Cruz' brother was out buying "O" rings for the faucet, Cruz began working on the plumbing leak at the hot water heater. Very quickly he found that the leak was only a loose plastic compression fitting.

Right now, Cruz just finished replacing the leaky O-ring on the hot water valve of the bathroom sink. Then he will re-check the plumbing leak at the hot water heater. If this plumbing leak is fixed, the job is all done!

Cruz charged 400 pesos for this plumbing repair and I gave a 100 peso tip. Total: 500 pesos=$38US.
Site of leaking compression fitting

Cruz Trejo - The Plumber

4PM - Installed Jack the Dog's run
I had in mind approximately what was needed to do in order to install Jack the Dog's run. Only one thing was up-in-the-air. There is a support post in the forward corner of Jack's shed. I had to install the run so that Jack could not walk around that post and get himself tied up. I accomplished this by ending the run about the same distance from the run's end to the support pole as the length of Jack's leash.

There were a few glitches, but the run turned out good. It might be that I will have to upgrade to a larger cable and hardware. Jack is a big dog, and puts a lot of pressure on everything.
Jack is now free to roam his yard!

PS: It remains to be seen how the family will accept Jack's gift. Although I asked and received permission to buy Jack a dog run, you never really can be certain about these things.

Remember when we collected $4,000+US dollars to do an electric rewire of our neighbor's house in the City of Santa Rosalia [Baja California South]? That good deed eventually turned into a disaster!
Clear sky