Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Incoming shipment

7AM - Incoming shipment!
MsTioga and I have not left Home Camp since last Friday! However, we must leave this morning to go into Tequis in order to recharge our Telcel cell phone. We need the phone to call DHL customer service. We have selected DHL to be our customs broker for our incoming shipment.

We are very interested to find out what Mexico is going to charge us for import duty for this shipment. As you may recall, the cost to buy the stuff that is being sent to us via this shipment is $1,008US.

Our last shipment's duty equaled 20% of the purchase cost. This % is very acceptable to us! However, we do not have a lot of importing experience in Mexico. But we are hoping that 20% will be for this shipment too.

8AM - Myths about Mexico
My rant of yesterday was prompted by responses to "Dave Dods" robbery by his blog readers. I believe that a more appropriate response is demanded to robbers invading ones home than spraying them with bug juice. Some of Dave Dods readers suggested wasp or bear spray as a defense against robbers. And I felt very strongly, that if Dave Dods had a gun for protection, the robbery would have been halted immediately.

There appears to be some myths held by some of my blog readers regarding guns in Mexico. Here is Article 10 from the Federal Constitution of Mexico:

Article 10: The inhabitants of the United Mexican States have a right to arms in their homes, for security and legitimate defense, with the exception of arms prohibited by federal law and those reserved for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guard. Federal law will determine the cases, conditions, requirements, and places in which the carrying of arms will be authorized to the inhabitants.

11AM - Shipment hangup
The people at DHL informed that because the shipment is crated in a wood box, and because the box is above a certain size, the shipment is required to be fumigated. Hmmmm? Can you imagine that?

In addition, the fumigation cost of 1,392 pesos [$102US], must be paid in order to process the shipment thru customs. In otherwords, first they get the $102US, then they spray, then they come up with the cost of import duty.

I have referred this matter back to USAMail1, the freight forwarder. USAMail1 made the decision to re-pack the shipment in a wood crate of their own making and their own size. So, I guess that they will figure this "puzzle in Mexico" out.

2PM - Shipment update
The fumigation Mexico is asking to be paid for, is because of the wood crating that the freight-forwarder USAMail1 used. Mexico wants to make sure that there are no bugs inside that wood packing material.

USAMail1's contact at DHL is working with Mexican officials to see if there is a way to work around this bug business. I do not feel that I should be solely responsible for USAMail1's packing materials. I am paying USAMail1 for their expertise. That expertise is why I went to a freight forwarder in the first place.

5PM - Cactus garden growing
Today while in Tequis, we bought three little cactus plants. Cost 30 pesos for the three [$2.19US]. Now we have five cactus plants in our little rock garden hill.

I do have a question though? If you zoom into the cactus pic below, and look at the cactus in the upper left, you may see a brownish dry spot. What could this be? I have not watered the cactus much at all. Could this brownish spot be too little water?

Clear sky