Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day2007

Memorial Day - 2007
On Memorial Day, 2007, we stopped at the Cemetery in Escalante, Utah.

Little Mavicito captured the pic below which delivers the message more than words.

8AM - What the hell happened?
I have to admit to you that I am really pissed off this morning! I was thinking about what happened to Dave Barnes who writes the blog, Dave "Dods" off to Mexico [link].

Dave is living in Weng and Francisco's Hill Top home in the Pueblo of Aticama. Dave was robbed about a week back. Three stinking, rotten crooks attacked Dave at Hill Top home and stole a bunch of his stuff.

The reason that I am pissed off, is because of the comments made on Dave's blog. Specifically, the comments made regarding how Dave should defend himself. Stuff like, "Spray bug juice in their face". Or, "Wasp spray".

What happened to us? When did we forget how to defend ourselves? My father knew how to defend himself. He carried a pistol. Our historical heroes knew how to defend themselves. George Washington knew!

But somehow, the notion that it is bad to defend ourselves has crept into today's society. And that notion has made us weak. Made us vulnerable. This world that we live in is a dangerous place. But there are those among us who would have us believe that to defend ourselves is wrong. To use guns to defend ourselves is bad.

I was robbed last year. I had no way to defend myself. I was lucky. The rotten crooks left without attacking me. I used to carry pistols. But the law down here in Mexico makes it dangerous for tourists to carry guns. Because of the mistaken notion that guns are dangerous. Citizens should not have guns.

But the crooks have guns. Because they do not obey these ignorant laws that prevent us from being able to defend ourselves against them.

Well, I am writing here, as clearly as I am able, that if you are a person who is against using guns to defend yourself against rotten, stinking criminals, then you are a person who is living far out of reality of today's very dangerous world! 

Freedom and liberty are very fragile. Some may believe that freedom and liberty are only things they read about in history books. But the freedom and liberty of every one of us is at stake every single day. The battle for our freedom and liberty is being fought right here. On your own streets.

You give up your Freedom and Liberty when you give up your right to protect yourself! Get with it!

Note to readers who disagree with the above:
I understand clearly that I may lose you with this writing. I am willing to suffer that loss. Because freedom and liberty have been under assault. Especially by our own government, since 911. I must be courageous to fight against what is fundamentally wrong.

I have begun a Forum Post about this subject. You may go there and discuss what I wrote and how you feel about it by clicking [here].

10AM - The fruit of my sprinkling!
Every day I have sprinkled the ground in front of MsTioga. My sprinkling is a hope, a prayer, that the waters that I put on this barren ground may find the seeds that we seek!

And look what has happened! Life! Flowers in the desert! They may be tiny, some only 1/2" round. But oh my! How beautiful they are!

3:30PM - A hummingbird just found our feeder!
I am hoping that now that one hummingbird knows about our "sweet flower", that more hummingbirds will come too!

This hummingbird has gorgeous colors. Green, red and yellow. I was standing at MsTioga's screen door when the bird arrived. It flew close to the door and gave me a stern hummingbird look! And then flew back to our sweet flower to eat some more. And then, the bird took off like a jet plane heading toward the fields below.

New Mavicita hopes to soon capture her first hummingbird pic!
Three different hummers come to our sweet flower

Blue sky