Sunday, May 27, 2012

Picking up rocks

7AM - Picking up rocks
When Jimena first visited Home Camp, she advised, "Every time you walk out here, pick up some rocks and put them in a pile". We did not know why, but we followed Jimena's advice. Of course we had no idea that one day we would find uses for these rocks!

In order to avoid using Mr. Levelers, we have constructed little rock piles for MsTioga to park on. Every day we place more rocks on those piles. Because when Tioga rolls over those rocks, she kind of crushes and scatters them.

In the pic below, New Mavicita has captured one of our rock piles. Peluchita, who has just finished breakfast, decided to get into the pic! BTW, do you see our hummingbird feeder way to the upper left of this pic? Yesterday we moved the feeder to this side of the road because we actually saw some hummingbirds flying near here!
Tioga's rock piles

10AM - Up on the roof
It's inspection time for Mr. Sunny's solar panels. When we went up there, we were reminded that we planned to install aluminum riser plates underneath the forward hinges. Riser plates became necessary, after the our wood to aluminum frame upgrade last year.

While I was up on the roof, Peluchita positioned herself on the block wall and was watching me. "Just how old are you?", called out Peluchita. "74 years old", I replied. "Why do you ask?" Peluchita said, "Because you are huffing and puffing up there!"

Peluchita was quiet for awhile, and then she asked, "How old is 74 in dog years?"

Cheeky hound!
Riser positioned in place

12 Noon - Oh! The beautiful bird!
It is at times like these, when I miss my children the most! To see in their eyes, what I see in my own eyes! Oh! The beautiful bird! How I long to share you with my kids!
Who are you, Birdy?

2PM - Weng phoned!
I love it when my phone rings! It goes "rrrrrinnng!" "rrrrrinnnnng" just like an old time telephone. When I answered the ring, it was my friend Weng on-the-line!

Weng and I have not seen each for awhile. I asked her if the family has plans for a trip to Aticama this coming winter. Weng says that they do have plans! From about Thanksgiving to the middle of January. Weng is working very hard at her gardening jobs to save money for the Aticama trip.

Tioga and I are going to use Weng's "Donate" button to send a donation to the family and follow up with an email marked:
"To be used only for the Aticama trip!"

Blue sky