Thursday, May 10, 2012

Readers help

8:30AM - Readers help!
I just read a ShoutBox post by "boeing46". Mike wrote: "...lower the amperage on the circuit that burned. Motor Homes like ours are so easy to catch fire. The circuit should have tripped before wires burned. Any time you have electrical questions either call me or email me."

I would have never thought about lowering the amperage! And I have a ton of fuses and inline fuse holders onboard. Thank you, Mike [boeing46].

What an amazing resource is my blog!

10AM - Big breakfast
New Mavicita took a pic of my breakfast this morning. This is a lot bigger breakfast than I usually prepare. Usually is, cereal with fruit. But, I hadn't eaten sausage for awhile!

11AM - Roach battle
A couple of years ago we had a roach battle onboard MsTioga. We used to keep an open trash basket underneath MsTioga's kitchen sink. In that basket is where we first saw those aggressive critters!

We won that battle with the roaches. But it took months to win. Our main strategy was to close off their food supply. We began putting all garbage and trash into plastic grocery bags with the mouth of the bag twisted several times so that the roaches could not enter. Also, we tried to close off their water supply, by keeping plugs in the kitchen and bathroom sink drains.

These battle plans worked! We did not see any roaches for a long time. Then one day I used a pot that not been used for many months. The pot was inside a plastic grocery bag. Inside that bag we found the mother of all roaches. Huge! 2-3 inches long. And white too! Apparently this mother roach was able to make its way into the bag, and then could not get out. And died there.

Yesterday, squished between two of our construction lumber boards, we found a smashed roach. About 1/2 long. We had not seen a roach around here before. But obviously, they are here.

We continue our roach battle. We can win a battle. But they win the war!

2PM - Vacuumed and cleaned MsTioga
Guess what? We did not work on the computer workstation today! Amazing! But true. Instead, with the help of Little Honda, our noble 1000 watt generator, Mr. Breeze [the vacuum] and I cleaned every nook and cranny.

This afternoon at 5pm is my appointment with Gina the Spanish professor. So right now I am going to prepare for my Spanish lesson by taking a nice nap.

6:30PM - Just finished Spanish lesson
I have such a good time during my Spanish lessons! You may recall that my lessons consist only of chatting about things that have happened to me during the week.

This afternoon I brought MacBook [my computer] with me to my lesson. So, I was able to show Gina [my professor] my blog page. She saw my workstation project.

When I make mistakes, she writes down what I should have said. For example, I did not know how to say, "When that occurred." And Gina wrote in my notepad: "cuando ocurre". That's how my lessons go.

I believe that this is really the best way to study Spanish!

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