Sunday, May 06, 2012


If you take a peek at the first pic below, you'll get an idea of how much chaos is going on inside MsTioga. That pic is how Tioga looked yesterday morning. All of the cardboard cartons that you see in the front are now broken down and inside big garbage bags. It took me a long time to do the cardboard carton job, because my back was hurting. And when I have pain like this, my energy is just sapped away.

But the back is OK this morning. Time to get on with the workstation rebuild. I am doing this rebuild myself. Cruz the plumber is installing the toilet and fixing a very small leak at the house water pump inlet. Francisco the body shop guy, is installing our two new roof vents.

The first thing to do with the rebuild, is to remove the top of the back panel. However, all of the cabling for the solar panels goes thru clearance holes in this panel. After that cabling was removed, the top of the back panel was free for removal also.

Now, all of that removed cabling could be re-installed into Morningstar TriStar battery charge controller that you see in the 2nd pic below. Here is something that you may appreciate if you are a senior. Installing these cables is a bear cat! I've got to bend over the desk and turn my head to look up at the cable clamps. All the while holding a flashlight in one hand and the cable to be inserted into the cable clamp in the other hand. My back is screaming, "Don't bend over like this!" while my eyes are saying, "I cannot focus on the bottom of the cable clamp. Move head up a little and to the right. Up a little more. No, that's too much. Down a little". God! I am soooo happy that the cable part is done!

Now all of the old frame for the back panel has to be removed and a newly designed frame installed. This installation will fasten the new frame with screws and Gorilla Glue.

View of chaos yesterday morning
[Please excuse the over exposure!]

Morningstar controller with cabling reinstalled

7:30PM - Finished for the day!
Well, I've been working all day. Except for when I sat down for a minute on one of Tioga's living room chairs this afternoon and did not wake up for over an hour! Some of us old guys, need our naps!

There was a twist in the rebuild this afternoon. The left side of the old wood frame just did not look right. Inspection found that a header board of the original frame had given way. Most of that part of the frame's screws had moved downward, about 1.5 inches. Likely as a result of our Kino Bay disaster.

We used a hydraulic jack to lift the frame into place. And cut support boards, like little columns, to keep the frame where it belongs. We got the computer workstation back into operating condition. Still using the old panel because we ran out of time for moving the equipment mounted in that panel.

You may see for yourself where we left off in the pic at the bottom of this page.

Mr. Breeze goes to work!
Many of you may not ever met Mr. Breeze [link]. He is a tank type vacuum, and has been hiding out in the cabinet beneath Mr. Dometic for several years. We got Mr. Breeze back to work today, because MsTioga's insides were truly a mess.

Partially completed workstation
In the pic below you see our computer workstation re-assembled. There is still work to do.

The face of the back-panel needs to be cut to size and the holes for instruments and switches cut in. Then, the front panel will be removed, sanded and finish coated. The top of the back-panel [look for the red arrow] is already installed, but needs to be removed, sanded and finish coated. Also, a few frame parts remain to be fabricated and installed.
In process computer workstation