Thursday, May 17, 2012

Romancing the money

9AM - Romancing the money
A number of readers are not happy with the changes the TiogaRV Team has made over the years. Sometimes readers write to us about their unhappiness.

Some do not like us being in Mexico. Some do not like our decision to stay in one place [instead of constantly being on-the-go]. Some are disappointed that we have never traveled to the eastern USA. Some readers tell us that our story is boring now.

The TiogaRV Team is forever losing disenchanted readers and gaining new readers. Readers are visiting us pretty close to 100,000 times each month this past year. The prior year, 90,000/month. Two years ago, 80,000. Three years ago, 75,000. Four years ago, 70,000. Five years ago, 65,000.

What do I mean when I title this post, "Romancing the money"? This is something that I have not addressed before in the blog. There is some influence exerted by Google AdSense and their rather large paycheck over what we do, and how we do it. We try very hard NOT to be pulled into the vortex where we are being "romanced" by the money AdSense pays us. And, we believe, that we have been pretty successful in keeping ourselves above, "the pull of the money".

10AM - Sucked in!
"Have you ever been sucked in, by the romance of Google's money?" Yes! If you were with us in April, 2004, that was the time when we posted here in our blog that we did not have enough income to keep up doing this vagabonding life. We were going to get-a-job. Go back to work, in order to survive!

What actually happened though was, a few readers encouraged us to put ads on our website. One of those readers, Bob MacNstuff [not his real name], actually coached me thru learning about AdSense. For about a year, I worked several hours each day on AdSense things. So, back then I was completely romanced by the money.

Even now, AdSense sends me messages from time-to-time, suggesting that if I would do this or that, my income would rise. And I listen to AdSense, and usually do what they suggest. So in that way, I am romanced by the money.

However, for the most part, what I do is not influenced by the romance of AdSense's money.

12 Noon - The wonders of a Home Camp
Maybe you are able to help me explain the wonders of a Home Camp. All that I know is, that Home Camp is fantastic! Take what I am doing now, for example.

For a long time, MsTioga's shower has needed a new "wiper" at the bottom of the shower door. This "wiper" is a plastic strip that keeps water from flowing underneath the door, and out on to the carpet.

I've known how to replace the old wiper. All that was needed, was time to go ask in hardware stores for what was required. Well, since I found our Home Camp, I do have the time. And a few weeks ago, a wiper that could be adapted to our needs was found!

Today, I am installing that wiper, which must be cut to length, drilled to attach to the shower door, then mounted. Everything so far, is going good with this little job.
Cutting new wiper to length

Mostly cloudy