Friday, May 04, 2012


10AM - Putting down roots
Reader Sportsmobile posted in ShoutBox "Things get complicated very fast when you start to put down roots". I believe that Sportsmobile's comment is accurate. And perhaps I should know. I have been living the rootless/vagabonding life for over 9-years.

Perhaps the best of all possible worlds may be had by those living fulltime in their RV, and renting space at a nice RV park!

But on the other side of the coin, there are advantages for owning land in which roots may be planted. Especially if that land is in the City of Tequisquiapan, Mexico!
  • Planning and building a home is a great time!
  • A garage for MsTioga
  • A workshop for me
  • A little run-around pick up truck for me!
  • A comfortable  50m² casita home [about 538 feet²]   

12 Noon - XM Radio again!
During our Kino Bay trip disaster, a huge dust-devil grabbed three of Mr. Sunny's solar panels, hurtling them across the highway. We lost our XM radio antenna during that event. With the shipment that we picked up yesterday at the DHL terminal, came a new XM antenna!

We have always had the antenna mountedon Tioga's roof. While this may be the best location for reception, there are a myriad of other problems with a roof mount. Like tree branches, for example.

So, we are trying a new location. So far, it's working well.
XM antenna, mounted on cab-over cabinet

Mars passes close to Earth
As many of you know, especially telescope buffs, Mars is making its closest approach to the Earth in over 50 million years. New Mavicita is very excited about the Red Planet Mars being sooooo close!

During that close pass, 50 million years ago, in a super-galactic vortex created by the larger planet Earth, most of the atmosphere and water of Mars was sucked away. After that, Mars became a dry lifeless planet. But the Earth, with its stolen atmosphere and water, flourished! The Earth is now an abundant planet, filled with life that might never had been if it were not for that close pass, 50 million years ago.

Early this morning New Mavicita captured a pic of the Red Planet to share with you!
Red Planet Mars!

9PM - Big storm
We have lots of empty cardboard boxes around the TiogaRV Team since that shipment from the USA arrived. In order to get rid of those boxes, we have to cut them down in order to easily go into our big trash bags.

Around 7:30pm, I was outside using a box-cutter on the boxes. When a few rain drops fell, a look at the sky told that a storm was heading our way. Quickly the remaining boxes were moved back inside MsTioga. A couple of minutes later, came the deluge!

The very heavy rain continued for 20 minutes, and then turned into a light but steady shower that went on until just a few minutes ago. Of course New Mavicita and I are thrilled by Mother Nature's displays. And both of us sat in the pivoting chair staring out of Tioga's window as the dry earth soaked up the rain.
Puddles remain just after the deluge