Saturday, May 05, 2012

Shopping USA

7AM - Shopping USA
Now that our first shipment has been received from the USA, we on the TiogaRV Team would like to talk with you about living in Mexico and shopping on the internet in the USA.

For us, living in Mexico is a wonderful thing. However, shopping in Mexico is a whole other thing. No comparison with "Shopping USA!" Mexico just does not have the product selection that is found in the United States. Not even remotely close!

Also, products that are found in Mexico, often carry a significantly higher sales price. These products include: computers, cameras, electronic gear. It appears from this first shopping and shipping to Mexico experience, that the import duty charged by Mexico is 20% of the value of the USA purchase price. This turns out to be a bargain, compared to actually buying the same product in Mexico.

We found bugs in our shipping method. We chose Bongo International as our freight forwarder, and that turned out to be a bug because Bongo's customer service would not perform. In order to correct this Bongo bug, we changed to a different freight forwarder. Our new forwarder is USAMail1 [link].

There were other bugs to be worked out. There is one bug that happened repeatedly: Online stores for some unexplained reason would ship to our billing address instead of the address of our freight forwarder.

To correct this address bug, we began following up with an email confirming our order with the shipping address highlighted in red. This follow-up thing seemed to cure this bug.

9AM - Peluchita and the land
We just got back from a walk. From our home going north, there is a path thru the thorny trees. We cleared out the thorny branches on this path last week using our pruning shears. Following the path north, we come to the flat land where there is a dirt road mainly used by farmers going to the fields driving tractors. Our walk then goes east to the farm fields then south along the field's fence. Then up the hill back to home and MsTioga.

As we started this walk, little Peluchita came bouncing up. She had a thorn in her rear right foot yesterday, but somehow Peluchita got that thorn fixed. We asked Peluchita if she were hungry, and she said, "Yes!" So, we gave her some Purina Dog Chow. On returning from our walk, some Dog Chow was still in her bowl. Maybe Peluchita was not so hungry after all? Perhaps all Peluchita wanted was a little petting and lots of  love!
Peluchita feasting on Purina Dog Chow

Field to the south

Field view from a neighbor's yard

2PM - Battery report
We are in the middle of installing the remaining three solar battery bank tie-downs. But hard working and noble TiogaRV Team member, Mr. Sunny stopped the work right in the middle in order to give you this report!

Do you recall when we were thinking that a replacement of all six of our solar batteries was imminent? Well, the batteries are performing wonderfully now!

Who can tell you why? Who really knows about these things? Maybe the answer is because of re-cabling. Or maybe because of tender loving care? But our Mr. Sunny wanted you to know that our Crown Deep Cycle Batteries will have their 5th birthday this coming November. And they are still going strong!

Clear sky