Friday, May 25, 2012

Special places

9AM - What makes a place special?
I do not know the answer to this question. However, I do know when I arrive at a special place!

It was December 30, 2004, when Tioga and I first arrived in the Gulf of California Town of Santa Rosalia [link]. We knew right away that this was a special place. But why?

On November 5th, 2008 we first arrived in the Pueblo of Aticama [link]. Was it something about the beach that captivated us? Hmmmm?

And now we are in the suburb of Tequisquiapan called Colonia Santillan. At a place that we call Home Camp. We knew right away that this was a special place. You may recall that we were camping about three streets east of Home Camp, and walked down here simply to explore. That was on Thusday, April 19, 2012 [link]. We have been here ever since!
Is it the view?
Pic from Tioga's door

10AM - Shipment in Mexico City!
We just received a DHL email notifying that our shipment passed thru customs in Mexico City! Wow!

We had thought that our shipment was coming via truck! And it is flying!!.

4PM  - Bank of America has terrible service
A couple of weeks ago I made an ATM withdrawal at ScotiaBank, here in Tequisquiapan. I asked for 3,000 pesos. But only 2,600 pesos was delivered to me. This irregularity is a first for me. Never happened before.

You can imagine my surprise when my BofA checking account was charged for a 3,000 peso withdrawal. So, I tried to phone BofA to alert the bank. However, when I finally got thru the automated answering machine and got transferred to Customer Service, the phone rang about 10 times, and then hung up on me!

Over the past two weeks, I have tried to phone BofA Customer Service many, many times. Always, the same thing happens. The phone hangs up on me! So, I phoned BofA Corporate Headquarters to complain. And guess what Corporate told me? They said, "If there were such a problem as this with our phone system, we would already know of it!"

Well, that was all that I had to hear from BofA in order to make the decision that I was banking at the WRONG  bank. After a Google search turned up that USbank is the most loved bank according to national surveys, I phoned USbank and actually got a live-human being to talk to me!

I now have a USbank account setup, and am in the process of closing my BofA account [after more than 20 years with BofA].

Bank of America is really bad, in my opinion! BofA is NOT recommended by Tioga and George!

10PM - More about Bank of America's strange behavior!
While I was attempting to phone BofA's Customer Service Department without success, their online system asked me if I would like to talk to a chat person? I replied, "Yes!" Soon a chat person began typing at me.

I explained that I had made an ATM withdrawal of 3,000 pesos and received only 2,600 pesos. But BofA charged my account for a 3,000 peso withdrawal. That is a 400 peso difference. Not a lot of money. In fact, only $29.20US difference. The chat person asked me how much credit I wanted? I was surprised at this question, because what I expected BofA to do was to investigate my claim. But the chat person insisted that I provide an amount. So, I quickly made a calculation and came up with $22.82US. The chat person told me, "OK, I have credited your account with $22.82!!" And guess what? The next morning I saw a $22.82 credit to my account.

However, when I received that credit, I knew that my calculation was only an estimate. And when I calculated again [taking my time and using a calculator this time], I came up with being $5.86US short in my claim. So, I tried to phone BofA to tell them about this matter, and when the phone hung up on me again, I went to BofA's message center online and asked for another $5.86US credit.

Well, guess what happened? Without investigating anything about my claim, BofA posted another $5.86 credit to my checking account.

I tell you true! Something is really wrong at BofA. This is no way to run a bank To take a claim from a customer and process that claim without checking is really, really weird!

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