Monday, May 07, 2012


8:30AM - Status report
We had a TiogaRV Team meeting this morning. Several of us wondered about what was going on with the various happenings around our Tequis/Santillan Home Camp. So, we decided to prepare a Status Report!

  • Our Land Purchase: There are two pieces of land that we are interested in buying. One lot we call "Cerca", because there is a fence around it [Fence in Spanish is Cerca]. The other lot is called "Arroyo", because it sits on the edge of an arroyo [Spanish for dry creek bed]. Last week the lady landowner of Cerca came to visit. She asked 300,000 pesos for Cerca. This is twice the price for similar land sold recently in this neighborhood. The lady landowner for Arroyo has not been heard from since we made our first inquiry several weeks ago.
  • Computer workstation rebuild: This morning we will complete the construction when the balance of the station's framework is fabricated and installed. Then comes the finishing of the two parts of the back-panel. We are coating these parts with Varathane Spar Urethane, Clear Satin finish. It might take a couple of days to complete this finishing work.

    The last thing to do after the Varathane finishing, is transfer the electronic equipment mounted in the back-panel face and then complete the installation.

  • Peluchita: We received permission from our neighbors to buy food for their little dog, Peluchita [toy dog in Spanish]. Peluchita has taken to coming for "breakfast" every morning at MsTioga's place. She comes bouncing over, sort of prancing, and jumps up to put front paws on my leg. This is her way to ask for her food. And of course, we give her a bowl of Purina Dog Chow.

    Yesterday we saw Peluchita walking on the 5-foot high wall surrounding her home. She tried to step over some protruding reinforcement bars, and fell off the wall! We rushed over to help. But Peluchita seemed OK. She had fallen into some thorn bushes, and we helped remove the thorny plants from her fur.
  • Our Camp: Everybody on the TiogaRV Team is very happy at our Home Camp here in the Colonia de Santillan. MsTioga parks next to the common fence between the two lots, Cerca and Arroyo. From here we have a gorgeous view of the farm land and green trees, below.

    Home Camp is only a fifteen minute drive from Central Tequisquiapan and shopping. There are lots of little stores in Santillan [the village where we are living] for groceries, fruits and vegetables.

5PM - Still not finished!
Well, I've worked two full days on the computer workstation rebuild, and the project still is not finished. You may know that I became a cabinetmaker apprentice in 1996. Today's workstation progress reminds me what my foreman told me after five years on-the-job.

"George, you have some unique qualities as a cabinetmaker. You have hardly any talent in this business, and you are slow!".

This computer workstation project shows that my old foreman was accurate! But I have a positive attitude! Early this morning I thought that I would finish the project by late morning. And right now I am predicting completion tomorrow. Hmmmm?
Workstation project at day's end

Partly cloudy