Friday, May 18, 2012

Two kinds of companies

10AM - Two kinds of companies!
In the entire World, there are only two kinds of companies! Does that seem like an "impossible to be true" statement? Well, I assure you that it is absolutely a true statement!

  1. Companies who bend over backwards to make things easy for customers. These companies think from the customer's point of view. These customers go over every single thing that a customer does, and try to find an easier way to do it.
  2. All the other companies who do not give a damn for you!
When I was looking for a mail forwarding service who would receive items purchased in the USA, I selected three companies. First company chosen was Bongo Internatiional. You know about them, because I wrote about Bongo's non-service company before. Bongo is just the pits. The worst!

The second company that I chose was Global Mail, located in Texas. This would have been a wonderful location for my freight forwarder. Close to Mexico. However, Global Mail bent over backward to make it DIFFICULT for me to file a United State Post Office Form 1583 with them. Just ridiculous! So, we dropped Global Mail.

The third company that I chose is USAMail1. Just a wonderful company. Extremely considerate of customers wants and needs. When you phone USAMail1, you do NOT get an automated voice saying, "Click #1 for, Click #2 for, etc, etc. A real person who is friendly, considerate, knowledgeable, answers the phone. And really helps too. Not like Bongo, whose customer service is no service at all. 

Now, USAMail1 is our freight forwarder. A #1 kind of company!

More thoughts about #1 companies:
  •  Customer service people in #1 type companies, listen when a customer is talking. You do not talk to rude people who "over-talk" you in #1 companies. Because #1 companies screen and monitor conversations between their support people and customers. In order to find out if their support person is behaving in a way that goes along with #1 company philosophy.
  • When you have a complaint about service or a product with a #1 company, you do NOT receive any excuses. #1 companies make it easy for you to return merchandise. #1 companies make changes according to customer complaints.
An example of a really bad #2 type company is Aims Power, the manufacturer of Aims electric inverters. When I received my Aims inverter, it did not even work. I had to send the device back to Aims for replacement. When I actually received the inverter and put it to work, I learned that the device sent out a radio transmission buzz that interfered with Tioga's sound system. Also, my Apple MacBook's track pad becomes "jittery" when using power from the Aims.

When confronted with these complaints from me, Aims offered that my sound system was low quality. "Get a high quality sound system", Aims said. Aims would not even respond to the "jittery" track-pad complaint.

Aims is truly a leader of the #2 type of company. Stay away from Aims!

2PM - Installing new roof vents
Our next project, is to install the two new roof vents that we bought in the USA. Our installation plan is somewhat unique.

We will construct a wood-riser, in the shape of a square frame that sits on Tioga's roof. This riser/frame, will be covered with fiberglass in order to create a vent installation that cannot leak. Each of the two new vents will sit on its own frame

This plan may be difficult to imagine. We will take a pic so that you will get the idea of what is going on. Right now we are heading into Tequisquiapan to buy the wood for the two frames.

Clear sky