Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Working right

5:30AM - Stuff working right
In order for the TiogaRV Team to do things the way that we want to do them, stuff onboard MsTioga has got to be working right. That includes me! Lately, my lower back has not been working right.

For much of my adult life I have done back exercises in order to keep my lower back in condition. I've felt good about my back's condition, especially when others told me that their back was giving them problems. Well, for the past few days, my back has been giving me problems. And last nite I could barely even straighten up! This morning the back is not so bad. However, I am going to have to be careful about the work that I am doing for awhile. I'm putting myself on light-duty!

6AM - A light-duty assignment
We have decided to re-work Mr. Levelers' controls. But first some background about Mr. Levelers.

We installed Mr. Levelers in 2003 just before we took off on our great first adventure! We wanted Mr. Levelers' controls to be installed into our computer workstation back-panel. In order to do this installation, the controls had to be re-worked into a panel-mount installation. And, we did it!

However, that re-work did not provide for easy maintenance. For example when we removed the controls the other day, the many tiny wires that connect to the panel's LED lights and switches had be traced down and tagged for re-installation. Then those tiny wires must then wer be cut so that the controls may be removed. Bummer!

So, this morning we have given myself a light-duty assignment. Extend these tiny wires so that the main control unit may be mounted on the wall to the rear of workstation back panel. With these wire extensions in place, Mr. Levelers' switch panel may be snaked thru the workstation panel opening without all this tracing down and cutting and re-connecting of wires.

We have onboard a soldering gun and necessary supplies for connecting these wires. We have setup a temporary soldering station. See pic below!
Soldering station

11AM - Rewiring complete
We finished the rewiring of the leveler control device. If you take a peek at the pic, you may see that the panel is now well away from the rest of the control. Now we may fit the panel thru the opening in our new wood back panel without disconnecting any wires! Such relief!

PS: We told earlier of of our intention to solder in the extension wires. However, our soldering gun refused to come to temperature. So, we used crimp connectors instead.
New wire extensions added

2PM - Disaster struck!
After the re-wiring of the leveler controller was complete, we moved the device to the wall behind the battery box. Then we went to test the controller out. Nothing happened! Then, suddenly there was smoke coming from the wiring! The overload protection for that circuit tripped. But by then some wires were burned! What could have gone wrong?

After disconnecting the controller from power, we began searching thru the maze of wires. And then, there it was! An unshielded quick-disconnect connector had come loose and shorted out one of the controller's circuits. After cutting away the burned wiring, we replace that wiring and reconnected with a new quick-disconnect. That was when we spotted another loose connector! Wow!

After everything was reassembled, the power to the controller was turned on and everything tested out fine! It's a good thing that we like these kinds of challenges.

6PM - New Mavicita shares some pics
Remember the storm of a few days ago that brought rain, lightning and thunder? Well, look what else the rain has brought!
A beauty from the cactus

Jorge's work - Leveler controller on the wall

Mostly cloudy