Sunday, June 17, 2012

AC works

9AM - A/C works!
Last nite we were busy installing the air-conditioner's ceiling assembly. This included connecting the 120 volt AC wiring and attaching a sleeve that ports the air from the outside to the inside. That was the easy part!

The hard part of the installation was to lift the now wired up ceiling assembly into position. This is a two-person job. But we decided to do it with only one-person. We are weird that way!

So, there we were with our little black bench sitting on Tioga's dining-room bench seat. An upside down broom with its handle on the black bench. The brush of the broom trying to hold the ceiling assembly up to the air-conditioner. It was close! But we needed more pressure to keep the ceiling assembly from moving!

Our little brown plastic salad bowls could be shims? Hmmmm? While holding the broom against the ceiling assembly so that it would not fall, an upside-down plastic bowl was slipped under the broom handle. We are very close now. Another plastic bowl. Then a 3rd plastic bowl. Now the broom's brush was pushing hard on the ceiling assembly and we could stop holding the assembly in place because it stayed in position.

The next thing was to move the ceiling assembly around so that it lined up with tiny holes in the A/C mounting frame [are you following this?]. Shining a flashlight thru a hole in the ceiling assembly, we moved the assembly searching for one of the tiny holes. There it is! A spring-loaded shoulder screw was pushed thru the ceiling assembly hole and we felt it push into the tiny hole in the mounting frame. Wow! A miracle!

After all of this assembly work was complete, came the time to find out if the air-conditioner actually worked. We moved the circuit breakers for the A/C to on, and hit the "invert" button of the big Xantrex Inverter/Charger. The A/C fan went on!

The A/C works!
Our A/C!

3PM - Party time!
Invitation: We would like to invite you to a small gathering with yummy food. Sunday, June 17th starting around 3pm. Please bring a chair!

The invitation is from Yvonne and John who live in Tequisquiapan and have a manufacturing business here.

We are sooooo excited to receive this invitation!

7PM - Gorgeous view from MsTioga's roof
We have just returned from Yvonne's party where the food was delicious.  There was sooooo much food! You would NOT believe!

When Tioga parked at Home Camp, we saw that the view looking toward the fields below was even better than the usual spectacular. So, Mavicita captured a pic to share with you.
View from MsTioga's roof, Sunday, 7pm
[Click the pic twice to make big. Then use arrow keys to scroll up, down, left, right]

PS: Do you see our rock garden at the pic's bottom?

Lite rain