Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breakfast Dave

8AM Breakfast with Dave
I've been friends with Dave Diamond from before we both were born. Dave's Mom was best friends with my Mom. And both of our Moms were named, "Anne". Dave and I were both born in November, 1937 in the tiny part of East Los Angeles called, "City Terrace".

When Dave and I were babies, our Moms would walk together in City Terrace pushing our Taylor Tots. We both grew up in City Terrace. Both went to City Terrace Grammar School together. And remained pretty close with each other all of our lives.

This morning I am going to breakfast with Dave Diamond. My longest friendship in my whole life.

Dave's younger brother Charlie wants to go to breakfast with us. So, of course I was very happy to say, "Yes" to Dave's question about inviting Charlie! I have known Charlie most of my life. He is about four years my junior and a really nice guy. Charlie owns an RV too!
Dave and Charlie Diamond
(Freddie the dog)

4PM - Best Western Plus in Oxnard
We visited with Dave and Charlie until about 1pm, and then headed north for our next hotel, the Best Western Plus in the City of Oxnard.

I really like these "Plus" rooms. There is a tiny kitchen. A nice bath tub. Big TV.

If you are getting the impression that I'm enjoying myself on this trip, you are "right-on!" I love staying in hotel rooms. Love visiting with friends. The only thing that is a struggle for me is the driving. Because I fall asleep soooooo easily. For this afternoon's trip from Newport Beach to Oxnard, I had to pull over and nap at least four times!

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