Saturday, June 02, 2012

Cabinet cleaning

4AM - Cabinet cleaning
We don't have any schedule for cleaning MsTioga's cabinets, nor are we compulsive cleaners either. But, with that said, we know when a cabinet needs cleaning out. If we don't know where everything in the cabinet is simply by looking at the cabinet, then it needs cleaning out! This morning we emptied the ceiling cabinet over the computer workstation.

One of the things we found in this cabinet, was a note from our cardiologist about a prescription for a cholesterol test. We have not taken that test, because the good doctor forgot about sending the prescription. In fact, we are not too happy with our cardiologist. He has been very forgetful lately. Also, he is always late for appointments. We are thinking seriously about getting a new cardiologist!

When we were putting things back into the cabinet, our stuff was put back in a different order. Now there is a place for all of my T-shirts. And another place for short pants. Looks good up there! Makes us feel good too!

5AM - Picking up shipment
We just checked our Gmail, and found that our shipment is waiting for pick-up at the DHL station in the City of Queretaro. So, after we answer our email, we are heading out for DHL! According to Garmin Nuvi GPS, it will take MsTioga 1-hour and 10-minutes for the trip.

It is a good thing that the shipment has finally arrived. One of the things in the shipment is a new Wave-3 Olympian Catalytic Heater. Our 9-year old Wave-6 has been acting up and may need a new catalytic pad. We do not smell gas yet. So the Wave-6 is working. But the Wave-6 never had so much trouble getting started before, and that is why we think that the pad is getting close to worn out.

You may recall that DHL advised that the import duty for the shipment is going to be about 5,000 pesos [$360US]. The total purchase cost of the items shipped is $1,008US. So, the import duty is 36% of the total cost. Our first shipment from the USA had a 20% import duty. At this time, we do not know why the % duty jumped.

7AM - Is it worth it?
Here are the costs for getting this shipment to us from the United States:

  • DHL:            $687US
  • Fumigate:      $100US 
  • Import Duty: $360US

Total:                  $1,147US

Is it worth it to have this stuff shipped? Would it be better to drive to the USA, shop for stuff, and then bring it back with us to Tequisquiapan?

We on the TiogaRV Team believe that what we did was the only way to go! Convenient! Shop in the USA, the greatest shopping country on the planet. And then have our stuff shipped to us here in Mexico!

11AM - It all began with diabetes
About a year ago while in San Diego, John and Mimi invited me over for supper. After supper, John gave me a diabetes sugar level test. And it came out high. About 192 as I recall.

So, I decided to go to a doctor to get myself tested. It turned out that I did not have diabetes. But in doing this diabetes testing stuff, I began to learn about the relationships of food and sugar, the function of the pancreas, etc. I wrote about this in my blog, and got suggestions from readers about nutrition and diabetes.

One of of these suggestions was to stop or reduce consumption of fruit juices. And I stopped buying and consuming fruit juices almost completely. The same with Pepsi, Coca Cola. I don't go crazy with this regimen. I still drink juice and soda pop. But now I only drink a tiny fraction of what I used to consume.

I used to eat a lot of cookies too. I still eat a lot of cookies. But not the same cookies as before. Now I eat "Quaker - Galletas de Avena". The word "avena" in Spanish is "oats" in English.

Anyway, it is more than a year since that visit to John & Mimi's home. And what a BIG change that year has made in me! I am guessing that I eat about 1/3 of the food that I did before. My physical appearance looks different. My face is smaller now. The waistline too!

I used to have a 38+ waistline. Now it is less than 34". I just bought two pairs of 34 size short pants, and these shorts are loose on me. It's amazing!

PS: Tioga and I talked about the planned trip to Queretaro to pick up the shipment. We decided not to go today because it is Saturday. The warehouse might be closed. We now plan to go there on Monday.

1PM - Protector Bird is over-matched!
This morning, about 10 of the other hummingbirds joined together in a technique to dislodge Protector Bird from hogging Sweet Flower. This is the first time that I've observed sooooo many hummers around Sweet Flower at one time!

Two or three hummers went to drink, and when Protector Bird tried to dislodge them, the rest of the birds hovered close making things very tough for Protector Bird. Finally, Protector Bird took after one hummer, and there was peace around Sweet Flower once more!

BTW, have I told you about the insects that want Sweet Flower? Yesterday afternoon after re-filling Sweet Flower, a big insect [looked like a slow flying wasp] tried to get at the nectar! While I was carrying Sweet Flower! Can you imagine the nerve of this cheeky critter? I whapped the insect with my hand. Took the steam right out of the flying beast!

This morning I saw a huge amount of ants climbing all over Sweet Flower. They were inside too. Many had drowned, and their bodies floated up into the reservoir bottle. I took Sweet Flower into MsTioga's kitchen and emptied the nectar. Then strained out the ants. Cleaned Sweet Flower, filled the feeder with nectar and returned it to its place.

6PM - Blooming my world
Someday, not too long from now, I will share with you my blooming world. But, not today. Because today is too soon for you to see how the rocks rocks are blooming into shapes. How the wild flowers are blooming into beauty. How little Peluchita has bloomed into a loving pup. How the zillion hummers come to our sweet flower.

While I am messing around in the garden, little Peluchita comes to bother me to give love. She is a dog whose heart is filled with love. She does not want much from me. Only to give love. She is a quiet dog, and she does not share much of her prior life with me. But I get the idea of it though. Her life comes thru to me in the ways she goes about her daily stuff. Her life has not been easy.

While I am moving rocks around the garden, I sit on my little bench seat. Kneeling down to move rocks at my age, is just not going to happen. While I sculpture my garden with rocks, overhead the hummers buzz. There are zillions of them. And, I seem to sense that they are learning to be more polite with each other. I tell them, "There's enough sweet nectar for all of you!" I do not know if they listen. Or if they listen, do they understand?

Anyway, please know that the garden is coming along nicely. And soon, New Mavicita will show you garden pics!

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